Golden Nuggets you’re looking for

When you meet people after traveling and going through foreign experiences a good deal in your life. You see the same people in a very different way.



For starters, once you’ve had a few experiences, it allows for a more diversified, and also a more confident standing in one’s perception of the world around.
Then, if that wasn’t enough, with the development of our own world view, comes differences in how we co-exist and exchange with others. Respect becomes more or less fundamental. As does the importance of taking care of ourselves first and foremost; which in turn allows us to care for others at a greater extent. Just as the saying goes “It is by learning to love ourselves, that we learn to better love others…”.
And then, the letting go of the importance of others opinions in the process of our own construction. Being confronted with others long enough will fuel a need to focus on your own goals, or get caught up in others goals. “If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.” or in the words of Mahatma Gandhi – “A ‘no’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.”
Though, depending on how open your mind is and how allowing you are of accepting the unavoidable change life brings for you. You might find yourself either putting your head in the sand waiting for the tigers to pass you by, or decide to force on through the jungle of our illusions.
Many people I have encountered along the way, with seemingly successful lives and of whom are capable of showing you material wealth and possessions.
Tend to have continued on their ferris wheel of everyday habit.
One would wonder about if they evolved. The answer is probably not. Though this would be a misinformed judgement without actually speaking to these individuals one by one before and after. So the answer remains unknown. 
Though, to the eye, and at first words uttered, one might perceive these people as having progressed on the path they were on the last time we crossed paths.
My main concern in all this, is not the lack of evolution, nor their capacity to keep a firm grip on their goals of progression, but the lack of curiosity for anything outside their layer of habitual repetition.  To me this translates as a lack of sensitivity, maybe even of fear.
So far my fears have shown to be different than others I have met along the way.My fear is not being able to be productive. Which is an extent of not being able to retain attention in one place and stay grounded long enough to produce anything of value.I am curious as to what everyone else is doing, and if the grass is actually greener for others; though once in a while, I take my bag, and jump on some form of transport to another town or country where, in fact nothing has changed.
Most of the time, it is the changes that I have experienced on the inside while hibernating for long periods which transform how I see the world when I go out to see it again. Many people I encounter outside of my private space often tell me that I am too introspective. Though I am introverted. When taking the Myers Briggs personality test; the various tests seem to point to me being an INTJ.
Though I am very capable of being extraverted, though I soon run out of things to say when I have not taken the time to correctly resource my mind; this also translates in my energy. Once I have spent time speaking and opening up, I quickly find myself getting tired and or bored or needing to discover something somewhere further away, and here doesn’t feel comfortable.How do people repeat the same task day by day without getting the “repetition” sickness of boredom which tends to come with living in the same place while never moving away, or by seeing the exact same people day by day?How can we, as human beings stay in the same place, yet have entirely different experiences and encounters each day without missing out on whats happening where the grass is greener?

The first point  addresses a simple idea which will link everything together and comes to answer this; Creation.

In these later years of social media and personal exposition: people have come to find that moving to the other-side of the world isn’t necessarily where they find the answer they are looking for.

In fact quite to the contrary. By taking a job in another country, I often find that I get to experience a variation of what I am living at home, on the inside. So it stands to reason that I’d want to do more inner work.

As an introverted person, I often find myself lacking interest in what other people say, simply because I am not looking for the information that most of them give me. This is not because these people are boring or even not on point, but because what works for them doesn’t work for me. As I am searching for answers only I can find inside of myself, spending any time outside can become futile and even repetitive. As an ideas type of person, I like to act upon inspiration and follow my interest and curiosity even if this leads me away from “the worlds” view of being a tangibly productive person.
Most of the productivity which goes on, happens inside of me.

In the book, “A technique for producing ideas” by James Webb Young, the process of “Digesting ideas” and “Different combinations” explain a good deal about how our mind takes in information and then spits it out in the form of perfect ideas.
The process of creation mentioned above is how many writer’s fruitful ideas come to be.

This is where I spend most of my time, pondering between where I am inside my mind and what I am feeling and letting the feeling influence my state of mind in order to get the idea I am searching to obtain. What goes on inside my head is mainly introspective observation; which requires a lot of time on one’s own with no outside hindrances, or people to impose actions they want you to perform for them.

I normally find that, from boredom comes my creation. It is when I sit still and stay with what ever is making me bored and combining that with something I want to do in front of me. That is when the creation begins.

The second point we come to observe is an advantageous tool we all have, but lack to use as such; internet and our smart devices.

With such technological advancement and such commercial competitiveness and innovation; nearly everyone has access to a smart device with internet (I’m talking about most of our developed countries. And yes, I do see that people in third world countries cannot access this type of device as easily as the poorest of people living in the first world countries…).  This access, even homeless guys in Barcelona with their shopping carts sitting on the side of cafés to get free wifi, have more or less the capacity to evolve on the same level as anyone at home in Paris. Be that by youtube, skyping, Google, twitter, Instagram, and the list can go on as long as one wants… Information is out there.

Never have human-beings been exposed to so much information. The idea I came upon yesterday on -data-smog- NYT archives;

“Information used to be as rare and precious as gold. (It is estimated that one weekday edition of today’s New York Times contains more information than the average person in seventeenth-century England was likely to come across in an entire lifetime.”
Hence, the need to be Selective in our curiosity and not get bogged down in clic bait
time wasters which seem to pop out from no where specific.

I have found that creating a plan or list of short term goals to accomplish with dedication  in order to obtain the outcome goal that I want are very easy to Execute.
It is by imposing the pressure of building a mountain in one night that we get crushed by that same mountain. This creates inertia or paralysis in our action taking.
It is by placing a small stone everyday that a mountain comes to be formed, so to speak.
Though, in order to keep one’s mind vivid, it’s important to cut off from outlets like social media or youtube or netflix and others alike as they can rapidly take over your task at hand and you’ll find yourself having lost a few hours listening or watching something unrelated to the task you had at hand.


Though this does bring me to the importance and advantage of having a mobile phone in the office.

So, you’ve head of the fact that mobile phones tend to take all of our attention, they drain you of your creativity, and they tend to take your focus and turn you into a ADD type personality.
You’ve probably read or heard that having a mobile phone is the “ANTI-Productivity” Tool.

Though, as human beings, I’ve noticed that a lot of colleagues in the office turn to cigaret breaks and outside breaks; but it turns out, it might be what we’ve been searching for all along.

Bear with me, this could be the answer you’ve been looking for.


Heres a few advantages of having a mobile phone in your office as you work, and how it can actually be good for your mind.

I’m pretty sure that most people in my generation have grown up with the likes of video-games and mobile phones. Growing up I had my fair share of online gaming and it entirely captivated my mind and took me away from where I was, and how I perceived where I was.
The idea is that, even if I didn’t always want to be at home, I was able to escape to other worlds, far far away in World of Warcraft type worlds of imagination with wizards and shamans attacking wild gnomes with pitch forks… and took my competitive side with games like Half-Life and Counter-strike to a Army like training regiment where I’d train my reaction time to get shorter and shorter in order to click faster in order to “FRAG” the enemies on the Counter-side. 

I’d set-up in front of counter-strike and play for hours, captivated and completely cut off from reality; focussed on bettering my frag-skills.

While I did this, the world and TIME flew by, and I was able to get better, though I cannot remember much despite DE_Aztec and De_dust-like maps from the age of around 12 to 16.
Maybe this is a bad thing, but how I see it, its an advantage. A lot of teen-agers spend their time from the age of 12 to 16 being told what to do, or smoking pot, or burning the neighbours bushes, or in 2019 walking around with masks and crowbars and disfiguring innocent women.
In this respect, I find myself to be very lucky as I grew up in the middle of no where and my anger was directed at Yelling at the full extent of my lungs at my Screen when an enemy would have the audacity to click that One-Shot kill and make me wait until the next Spawn…

The point of all this, is that even if I didn’t get to go out and travel the world so much, I was able to travel much inside of my own mind and in virtual worlds. This lead me to being a very creative person in today’s day.

Lately I have downloaded old low spec games that anyone can use with any phone.
I was observing this at the office the other day. I see myself as a very ambitious goal reaching type person even if I’m not successful in the world, I find myself successful. Sitting at my desk completing my tasks, My mind went between the computer and my task at hand, and my phone where I had either a game of Chess or Instagram photography profiles captivating my mind.
So every 5 to 10 minutes, my attention would drift to my computer and I’d be able to make a move or a scroll. So far this seems entirely unproductive. Though, to be honest with you, this has actually kept my mind productive and focussed throughout the day, because I have a sense of tending to what I want to do, or at least what I want to do, which is pretty small in terms of time, and I also get all my work done at the same time.

Being able to drift is important, even if you are working intently towards a project, it is very easy to forget the outside world and just focus unproductively on a task for hours at a time.
What’s so important about it? 

The fact we drift while working, is simply that the task at hand is less interesting to us than what we think or what is actually on our phone. Be that a relationship, a new Kylie Jenner image, Tim Ferris’s last Blogpost, … It doesn’t really matter what it is. The point is that our work is sometimes less interesting to us than what we would rather be doing.
This leads me to pointing out acceptance of this, and working this aspect to your advantage.

While we have the distressing idea that scrolling on our phone is entirely unproductive, and to be honest most of the time is is entirely unproductive. This feeling, if used correctly during short periods of time between tasks or completing a task actually promotes us to work just that little bit more harder at completing the task.

I consider myself Smart, but very lazy. I’d probably fit right in at Microsoft with Bill Gates employees. Though the idea is not to get angry at yourself because you’re not working yourself dry to the bone. The idea is to use your skills to your advantage. I work suuuuper hard, then I rest for ages and then repeat the process. Which gives me times of hyper productivity, and times of Sloth-like hibernation.

I apply my own dual function of sloth like rest and hyper productivity in to this idea.
If you think about it, the fact that you spend maybe 30 seconds to a minute every 5 minutes to 10 minutes, actually gives you the sense of rest, and unpressurises you from the task at hand.
When you focus on the task at hand though, you have bursts of productive energy which becomes very creative and this ultimately makes for better work. In my case any way.

When all of a sudden I have the idea that I’m not working hard enough, even if I am. I go and make a chess move and this gives me the notion that I’m not working hard enough, because on one side of my mind I’ve allowed myself to play.

This “Play-work” Technique has allowed me to end my work days, with the entire notion of fulfilling all my tasks, having high results and being able to leave the office full of energy and creativity to complete what I want to complete. I get to sit down at the office, which is a good thing. This gives me the sense of not having done much during my day even if I have probably sold more than anyone else in my market. Simply because I have played my Tetris or my chessgame for minor periods of time during my day. I get to decompress while I work, and when I do focus its intent and I can go about my tasks and goals once I leave the office at full capacity of energy and creativity.


I find myself repeatedly agreeing to the fact that if something is important enough to us we’ll get it done. Be it inside of our head or in physical reality.
Stepping away from people who need immediate results may be a solution which might bear its fruits on the long term… Especially if we find ourselves spending most of our time on our phone around people or in the office. Maybe I wasn’t in the right place, maybe they weren’t the right people. When the people matter the phone stays tucked away and one goes away feeling revived and awake rather than wondering why they lost their time.

Maybe all of this we’re going through is for us to learn about what is important to us. A process of sorts we go through in order to find the unique and singular human-beings we are.  To me it seems like the rise of social media is in order to at first give us importance ( facebook), then to diversify our intrests (pintrest/instagram), then for us to find our voice   (twitter) after having searched if we are correct or not before (google).

Though above all, learning to turn off our devices and just take a breath of fresh air –
Tomorrow will come and we’ll be able to start again or do something entirely different…


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