Controlling social media

How can we get our lives back from the grasp social media has over us?How can we take back our lives from years of conditioning from social media? The first step we need to really acknowledge is that we are being controlled. The second is knowing how we feel about it. Once we know theseContinue reading “Controlling social media”

New years resolutions

Is it not better to not make a new year observation? It’s a new decade! Looking back over the years, we make new years resolutions every year, only to not keep them, or to find ourselves with gym memberships, hyper expensive gym equipment clogging up the front room or a years supply of weight watchersContinue reading “New years resolutions”

0 What you Need to Know about Social Media

Social media, and the likes of being exposed to everyone, everywhere all the time, has great advantages and disadvantages. On the one side, being exposed to all things all the time is an amazing source of development, we get to see what we are and by what we are interested. In other circumstances, we’d haveContinue reading “0 What you Need to Know about Social Media”

0 Golden Nuggets you’re looking for

“Information used to be as rare and precious as gold. (It is estimated that one weekday edition of today’s New York Times contains more information than the average person in seventeenth-century England was likely to come across in an entire lifetime.”

ATTENTION: Social media causes Hyper-selectivity

Swipe. Swipe. Toggle. Swipe. Swipe… Our standards have drastically been altered. Being confronted with a constant visual stimulus of change has hardwired us to pick, sift and sort what we think we most desire and/or (depending on our evolution) need in order to be happy. Or, in other words, what we think we need inContinue reading “ATTENTION: Social media causes Hyper-selectivity”