0 What you Need to Know about Social Media

Social media, and the likes of being exposed to everyone, everywhere all the time, has great advantages and disadvantages.

On the one side, being exposed to all things all the time is an amazing source of development, we get to see what we are and by what we are interested. In other circumstances, we’d have no idea that some things exist. This is a good thing. People also get to exchange and evolve no matter where they are which is helpful. Discovering many amazing new things, not “feeling” as isolated than as if we had been alone and cut off in a cave the entire time.
It brings great competitivity and progress which comes with competition.
Though on the other, the downsides are felt in part due to the depth at which we are isolated or how “mainstream” we are. And also in part, to one’s degree of confidence or lack there of.
Comparing, which leads us to feeling lesser, unworthy or even un able to live up to “the standard” is a source of pain. We can never keep up and this turns out to be draining. No matter how much we share with others, we get nothing in return except confirmation about what we already know. “I’m great”, “I’m powerful”, “I’m rich”, “I’m pretty”… which are vanity criteria based on what we already know.
It also confirms that people who have more financial freedom will be able to show off more, or those who have a standard of beauty which appeals to the masses will be put on a pedestal and valued higher than anyone who is “different” in any way possible. In a way, its back to high school with the rich kid/poor kid/ Confident kid/Unconfident kid again… This sense of high school 2.0 is very unproductive for anyone who is observing. Also vain and an empty pursuit due to the fact that it promotes “The popular kids”.
Though, the “Popular kids” in high school were douchbags who had looks and could show off.
The world around us has chosen to promote “DouchBags”, or scumbags who have no good incentive for the power invested in them. It really goes to show the reality of “wanting to fit in”.
By wanting to fit in, you naturally aspire to be a product of mass consumption, or more to the point a product of mass exposure.
Social media also gives the illusion that one is or isn’t necessarily liked based on superficiality. This is a faulty parameter which cannot give precise and correct results. It bases everything on the Golden Circle but inside out. Starting with What then how then why. This cannot work; as human beings we function from the inside out, not the outside in. It goes Why>How>What. Spirit/heart/idea>Method/action>Result/circumstance.
In terms of effects on our psyche and our time, it is an abomination. Our minds and nervous systems have become over stimulated and over saturated with information that we don’t necessarily need, want or even Should have in the first place. Over 200 years ago, someones entire lifespan wouldn’t have even half of what we are exposed to in a single day. Imagine what our minds are capable of and what our mental limits are. Faster, more, better, NOW! Though, through the addiction of missing out and needing to know what the “next thing is” social media has exposed us to an attachment to our devices. We needn’t fear governments putting Chips in us to see where we are. We are already here, our information is passed everywhere, all the time, to limits far outside of our reach.

Our minds are saturated, which means are nervous systems are saturated and this is a clear indicator that we need to let go of all outside stimulation, especially devices, screens, and anything which has power. We are “PUSHING” ourselfs to imbibe information which has nothing to do with us. We are exposed to too much information. None which serves us correctly for what is in front of us in actuality.

A good example might be this. As an introverted person, I find myself saturating when I am in public for too long. Which results in my entire nervous system tensing up and in the end getting really tired and getting to the point of turning off.
When traveling in another country, I have found that being confronted to constant New information, my mind is thrilled, though my body has no time to rest as it is constantly adapting to the upcoming change of scenery and people. Though, if I were to be a homeless person, I’d have no privacy and my nervous system would probably tense up so much that I’d be unable to relax. I’d just never sleep. The same is valuable for our brains and nervous systems in front of screens. Day in and day out we are exposed to more and more information which never lets us correctly relax and heal our over stimulated sensors. This can be damaging.

The standards around us have rised above what is humanly possible to upkeep. Over consumption has taken part so much that the world and its natural resources are collapsing. The Ice caps Are melting. Our water is filled with plastic. Governments are actually putting nuclear waste into the sea.
Corporations, making mass profit are pushing their agenda onto us based on our social media usage, what we read, what we look at etc. Everything around us has become a product to sell. Everything we see is for sale. Our lives have become studies like labrats for usage and profit.
Our secrets we now expose with the vain hope that we too will become famous. “But for what?”

Why would anyone want to become famous in this day and age? Giving up privacy, freedom, secrecy, and a veeeery long list of other traits which we take for granted. All for a better looking car, a vacuous life, maybe an emmy award and some cash. To have your every move emulated by others, and followed like a shepherd because you know how “Your life” works for you though not necessarily for them as everyone is different.

We are exposed to cultures and trends that have nothing to do with us. We are born in specific parts of the world and for good reason. While growing up in specific places, we have grown to understand and perceive the world around us. The world we see and have action over is what is in front of us, not what is happening half way around the world. This is a disruptor in our ways of functioning and takes away our roots, our individuality and unifies everyone with the same styles, trends and exposure which otherwise wouldn’t exist. For example: I used to meet people and observe how they spoke, their linguistic rhythms and their mannerisms, though with Netflix, or Common celebrity exposures,  Everyone has the same way of saying things “c’mon”, “that’s hot”, etc.. This makes everyone into a clone of someone else and empowers those who have more exposure and who have trend influence because they have bigger “lips” or bigger “tits”…

Everything you say and do, there is proof to keep you “consistent”. Though as human beings, we are changeable, we are evolving all the time, we make mistakes, we grow, we change… If there is proof of a mistake, you never get to move on, you never get to change, nor do you ever get to be free from something that hasn’t existed for maybe 15 or 20 years.

Though, my need for freedom is increasing and my desire to vanish into thin air also,
I wonder as to how long we will put up with social media as a society, as entities, but also as products of someone elses agenda..How long can this go on, before we turn off the internet and decide to disempower the statistical regimen of analytical companies, waiting to make a profit from our next move ?prison

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