Having trouble creating?

The trick to creating is simplicity. You have to fulfil Five main things when creating.

1) Take away all external pressure, obligations or external impositions, lead your life with a free flowing curiosity.

2) Kill all deadlines. Having to do something by such and such date, time, puts pressure on your work. Sometimes, the simple act of being inspired creates works of art beyond anything which is rushed or pressured. We’re not coal being transformed into diamonds.
We’re more like water influenced by the energy we impose upon ourselves. (Check out Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiments )

3) Have a deep sense of trust that you’re safe and sound; an intense knowing that you’re protected. Being relaxed produces far better results than feeling threatened by something.

4) Trusting and be carried by life. Life has your back. You’re not against the world. If anything, you’re supported and the universe conspires to help you understand and act in your best interest. Sometimes doors don’t open for a reason, they’re not meant for you.
You know, because your soul isn’t a one size fits all. You’re a once in a world type of person, never again will anyone or anything be the same as you.
Nothing can alter your state, because you’re secure and safe, no one can judge you,
you are accepted in your state, you are flowing in creation.

5) Don’t compare. Only put in your mind/place your focus on what is going to nourish your mind. Watching a YouTube video will send you down a spiral, same for instagram or anywhere someone else is doing better than you. It will deplete your energy for nothing.

Carried by bliss, you’re at ease, the wind blows and caresses your skin, you’re comfortable, you’re in love with life.

You need not do anything, because everything you do is perfect In its own way.

You expand the perfection of skill you’ve been blessed with, life is easy like a summer afternoon on a yacht, bobbing to the sound of waves, relaxing music and love.

You’re blessed.

We flow more in acceptance than in will.

If writing has taught me anything, it is that we don’t have to expose everything.

By expose I mean we don’t have to express everything that is going through our minds.
We are entitled to internal privacy of thoughts, feelings, understandings.
Not everything that goes through our minds needs to be expressed externally.

We are entitled to privacy. Just as we are all alarmed by the concept of Google, Apple,
Alexa, and other software which collects our research data or location.

For a while, the dilemma of using social media, having to expose every single little detail
in the faintest of hopes that someone will see something special about who we are in the sharing of our pathetic dribbles of the mind and believe we are worthy of being rich and famous has kept me somewhat inert. Should I delete social media? Should I expose everything? Will I miss out on what is happening and be left behind?

Truth is, I’m not being left behind, because there isn’t anything to keep up with. 

This being said, I am in obligation to go at my own rhythm if I want to appreciate life.
Which is probably the most important aspect. A while back, I saw a quote by the Buddha, saying “It is better to travel well than to arrive”. This hits home doesn’t it?

Life is so much better when you are going at your own rhythm, not trying to keep up with the latest trends on social media, what every single social media user is trying to sell, influence, promote etc.

I really appreciate Not doing anything. A little like the concept of processed food, processed information is something to be wary of. Most people using social media aren’t as sane of mind as we could hope them to be. They may have beautiful lives, but they’re probably not in a state of peace though.

Don’t be guilty, you don’t have to DO in order to BE, life will take care of you if you trust it to do so. There is only so much fighting for something we can do before it becomes fighting against ourselves.

We’re here to witness and experience life, not to impose our ant like influence upon the world. Sometimes it’s better to let go and flow with the grace of life.

Open the sails of your mind, and let the wind of life carry you to where you need to go, or at least where it wants you to go.