ATTENTION: Social media causes Hyper-selectivity

Swipe. Swipe. Toggle. Swipe. Swipe…

Our standards have drastically been altered. Being confronted with a constant visual stimulus of change has hardwired us to pick, sift and sort what we think we most desire and/or (depending on our evolution) need in order to be happy. Or, in other words, what we think we need in order to fit into our respective groupe/tribe.

The emergence of social media and internet has given us insight, in fact tremendous insight, into our core fibres as singular individuals among the crowd in which we blend day in and day out in our everyday lives. Having a smart phone with access to everything happening everywhere all the time, has given us an almost god-like power over our decisions and choices regarding what we do with our time, money and effort.

Mostly anyone with an instagram account has had access to entrepreneurial information, insight into beauty tips, luxury tips, photography, bitcoin, world pollution; this leads us, to learn how to acknowledge our neighbours and understand a bit (a lot) about them.
Which also creates a lust for others lifes, which can be percieved as healthy peer pressure in order to up our standards. Though this can also create pressure that we cannot support due to not being in the right frame or mind or health.
This also leads to a downside that some of us are starting to encounter. Virtual realities and especially make-believe realities do not exist or are unachievable and the actuality of the lives lived on instagram aren’t always as glamorous as they seem.

The Downside:

-Our attention span has shortened and people who are avid users, tend to “log off” from their realities as soon as what is being said/seen doesn’t interest them. This also applies for discussions, dating, and many other topics.

-This breeds, a lack of tolerance for not being a master/thebest at the subject in question which inevitably forces the individual to either up their game, or be rejected for not being good enough. Which seems inhumain from the perception of anyone who is a little weak, or who hasn’t yet reached that level of success in their domaine.

-Big contrast between one’s reality and other peoples realities, which makes it hard to accept the realities some of us are experiencing.

-Lots of time wasting while we tune out to dream about what others are doing in some distant paradise, while we twiddle our thumbs in our dingy caves.

-Judgement. People are now judged on their profiles. Instead of actually knowing about the people at hand. We now get to see the people we are talking to, we see their photography skills, their surroundings, and we see what they stand for, or at least their capacity to Sell or write themselves up, or not.

Will we get back to meeting people like we used to? Do we really need our phones in order to live optimal lives? Do we need to keep up with everything? …

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