Introverts and others

You know how we tend to want to put a label on ourselves to define who we are so we can be a part of something? It comforts us, it allows us to feel maybe as if we belong.Well, that label can also be restrictive in fully harnessing our potential. I’ve concluded that maybe allContinue reading “Introverts and others”

What satiates you, appreciates you

The unique thing about time is that it is irreversible and irreplaceable. Once lost, you cannot replace it you cannot add to it. Like an ice-cube, time is constantly melting away. Our time is ephemeral. Here now, gone tomorrow. Which means that our lives are scarce, even if there are 7.8Bn of us. We mustContinue reading “What satiates you, appreciates you”

More more more!? maybe it’s time to stop worrying about having and start living.

This may seem contradictory to where the rest of the world is heading right now. Though, for the last months I’ve been all consumed by stock markets. Hoping to catch a profit here, or a bitcoin break. Wanting more, because apparently I don’t have enough? I have plenty, I have too much. I have wayContinue reading “More more more!? maybe it’s time to stop worrying about having and start living.”

Controlling social media

How can we get our lives back from the grasp social media has over us?How can we take back our lives from years of conditioning from social media? The first step we need to really acknowledge is that we are being controlled. The second is knowing how we feel about it. Once we know theseContinue reading “Controlling social media”

Social pressure doesn’t enable creativity, it rather gets in its way

  Starting with Greeks a very long time ago, not participating in societywould cast us aside and one would be heavily criticised for not participating in the group. Thus having more of a private life, we would be defined as useless. This is where the word “idiot” stems from. While its origins came from theContinue reading “Social pressure doesn’t enable creativity, it rather gets in its way”

Embracing creativity over pursuing money.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the easy exchange of effort and time against a small amount of money or even a large one. But if we give in to the exchange, we also have to acknowledge that our time and energy are less precious than the money we receive. We believe weContinue reading “Embracing creativity over pursuing money.”

DHL The foot in the door policy

Today, we’re ever so careful as to who we let into our intimate worlds, even though we expose everything about them for likes and follows. Though, lately, I was struck by a particuliarity brutal knock at the door, and I mean litterally and metaphysiaclly… A driver came to my door and asked for me toContinue reading “DHL The foot in the door policy”

You can’t strive for a career and have enough mental ressources to succeed as an entrepreneur at the same time.

Get a job they said, it’ll be fun they said…Study a career they said, it’ll be fun they said… I’m about to stop you right now. I was 19 when I made the decision to follow my heart and discover, no matter what it took. Granted I was following the words of our mutual friendContinue reading “You can’t strive for a career and have enough mental ressources to succeed as an entrepreneur at the same time.”

A Christmas Iteration

First of all, if I don’t start by saying Merry Christmas, I will probably forget. And as it is Christmas after all, I can’t help but wish you a wonderful day full of surprises, good health, wealth and family. But as I’ve decided I’m all business this afternoon, I won’t touch much more about ChristmasContinue reading “A Christmas Iteration”