Poetic Justice

I don’t want to know the future. It would take away the element of surprise, from all the magic unfolding before my eyes. From all the blossom in disguise.

I don’t want to forget the past. It would take away from now and tomorrow. For everything is a contrast which amplifies our perception and feel. Without the pain, the hurt, the screaming and crying one’s self to sleep, bobbing upon the waves on a summer day would feel undeserved and empty, just as celebration falls short, somethings missing.

Without the feeling that its all unfair, that I can’t have, that I’m left behind, I wouldn’t appreciate a moment of victory with such sweet triumph, I wouldn’t feel the greatness overwhelm me to tears, I wouldn’t feel the embrace as strongly, nor the sincerity in vulnerable words of those I hold dear.

What a gift to have been through those torturous nights, to have felt a prison cell of circumstances, to have felt the humiliation. How rich one feels, to have a clear understanding and empathy for a fellow man. How wonderful a world in which we are distinguishedly ourselves. Where our snowy foot prints can never be repeated.

How warm a feeling a sun sitting on our arm. How beautiful a life, to live under a spell, under a charm.

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