Drinking coffee won’t bring you Love

Lovers often gather in coffee shops to share a hot drink while exchanging their multiple and mutual indirect expressions of desire for one another, or not. In fact ‘meeting for coffee’ is synonymous with meeting for the first time on a date. Though, dating aside, to go straight to the point, when we decide to engage in any action, we’re seeking the emotional response to it. An emotional benefit.

When in high-school, like all adolescents in their prime, I thought I had everything under control. I knew how to pick girls up, I’d been given the lethal book The Game, by Neil Strauss. Similar to giving dynamite to a 10 year old, I had in addition to having discovered energetic transmutation as a result of a harsh case of acne, a God-like power at my disposition. I was in my physical prime and had understood the importance of being well presented. I had already studied sales for two years and I was a year older than the kids around me as a result of having taken an alternative interest before studying French literature and philosophy. Anyhow…

With the confidence of a winning formula 1 pilot on the podium with his bottle of champagne, I entered high-school N°2, and sprayed my confidence and enthusiasm all over anyone whom I encountered.
Like an invincible self-centered Greek God, I would stride around and flirt with any girl I so desired. With an all too powerful knowing of my inner potential and confidence, in addition to a physical confirmation
of physical prowess, due to a few years of well intended workouts. The world was my oyster and I felt like the entire Kingdom was mine. Besides, no one could tell me otherwise, I was convinced.

I then met a girl who seemed capable of resisting my God-like powers. Obviously, she was a match, someone capable of being on equal footing. This appealed to me as I enjoyed strong character and mind in a partner (and still do!).

The flirtation period was something out of a romantic movie. After consideration, years of watching series such as The Oc, Dr house, and other such long form stories, I had -although I was unaware- interpreted my own versions in my set of circumstances. Coffee shops were our thing and drinking cappuccinos with mini biscuits on the side, while wrapped up in scarfs in the crisp fresh November months. As the leaves dropped in the distance, intertwined in each others exchange of awe, we existed in a vivid bubble of romantic embrace, lusting for each others attention.

After our relationship had hit the rocks and I had sunk to the bottom of my personal abyss, I continued to drink coffee. With an unconscious desire to get back that period of my life, I strived for the high of coffee. Hoping that the all too comforting and accepting embrace of being loved would resurface somehow. Though, secondary effects of drinking coffee aren’t what got me the relationship in the first place, neither was sitting in coffee shops. One secretly hoped that by sitting in coffee shops, one would enact and attract that process again. Only to miss the point entirely, that it isn’t the coffee nor the shop which one is seeking, but the exchange with someone who elevates us simply by witnessing us.

What we are seeking is the mirroring of the heart and inner kingdom within the warmth of someone else’s loving expression. Neither substance nor place can replicate, without falling short or empty, as they are but containers. A mug without tea, a place without soul.

What we are seeking is what is contained. And like the precious Himalayan shilajit, compressed, compounded, refined, densified, processed over and over, and condensed into a substance of pure elemental elixir; Love must is cultivated as a result of going through experiences, evolving, pains, personal development, inner growth, suffering, and most forms of human existence. It’s the condensing of being and refining ourselves overtime which creates a degree of harmony and crystallisation of inner identity to the point where the exchange of love is simply evident.

Though while going through the process, we may as well have a cup of coffee.. Have a nice day.

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