Mirror souls

Somehow we survive, we overcome deep dark and sinuous journeys our soul sets on. Along the way,
soul connexions are formed and our depths are triggered. Our deepest traumas come up to the surface,
shoving out of its way most all constructs, logic or rational. It’s like that moment when we fall head over heels in love and our brain is fully discarded so that one soul can mirror the other in all its potential clarity.

Though, when we overcome those deep dark and sinuous journeys, we’re left with remnants and shards in our feet. In pain and fear we build fortifications around the idea we have of ourselves. We vow to never go back to those deep dark places.

We numb our fears with food and sex, we become addicted to externalities which somehow provide a sense of appeasement to the sort of turbulence we face within. Something to take our attention off of that painful scary sensation of nothing. We construct illusion so that we can escape that uncomfortable feeling within. And then we forget and move on.

Along the road, in our total illusion, we encounter versions of who we used to be, we encounter love in the form of a short friendship, or we discover the turbulence mirrored in the other and hope to heal them or run as fast as we can.

Mirror souls. They are attracted to us when our soul calls out like a dormant beacon under a millennia of overgrowth. Sometimes we’re not even aware. The subtle finite feelings underneath a mountain aren’t always felt, but they are there calling out through time and space.

A subtle change in heart beat, an invisible and intangible frequency change that suddenly, like a shooting star passing outside our window in the night sky. If we look closely enough, we get to see it. If we look closely.

There are lucid beings, who have been buried alive under generations of psychological inheritance, numbed out, drowning at the bottom of their personal ocean. Waiting for a shift, a tilt in the axioms of life.
After years, they’re set free and like rockets they fire up into the sky to shine their light.
Never dimmed, never put out, always burning.

We meet mirror souls, passing by in conversations. In a short train ride, a flirt, a moment where time stops and two intertwine, even if miles away. The exchange of frequency and words, enough to captivate attention on the other side of the earth. And for a second the world shifts it’s axis around them. And then again, they release as they’ve learned their subtle lesson. The exchange of essential knowledge, a change of pattern, something safe, something appeasing.

We open up, and then we must let go of what we’ve shared, so we can better move along in the direction we’re destined to. Parts of ourselves which no longer serve us, identities we no longer hold on to, emotions we must let evaporate..

A warm friend, a healing friend, a friend who disappears into the night on a soft evening.

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