Reclaiming freedom

“Follow the trends closely to stay connected with the core value of living a truly free, unconventional life.”

I recently read this statement on someone else’s blog, which immediately sent me spiralling into proportions of rejection and logical nonacceptance.

How could I accept this statement?!
So wrong. In fact, everything wrong with the world we live in today…

You see, it’s impossible to “Follow Trends” and yet be “truly free (to live an) unconventional life.”

If we are Following a trend, by definition we’re stuck in a box defined by others. A box which defines freedom nonetheless. Sitting around listening to Bob Dylan in a prison cell doesn’t make you any more of a free man. And yes, I am claiming that following a trend is a form of imprisonment based on the rules  in which one has to remain in order to be a part of that group.

Although, I am absolutely 110% for freedom, I also know for a fact that discipline is what sets us free. This latter part of the equation needs a routine, or a sense of consistence. This consistence is the framework we need to have freedom of expression or creative freedom in what ever subject, domain we are using as a support for our work.

As a writer and a thinker, my freedom comes from having mostly freedom of attention, focus and timephysical and location freedom don’t bother me as much as long as I can focus on anything I want without any outside imposition on my mind process.
To me freedom is utter silence and inspiration. Not motivation, because that would infer that I need outside stimulus to get going. Although, I use motivation as a crutch to get myself back on the road. Sometimes we slip out of our zone of genius. It does happen.

Though, the way I feel free, is based upon how little the outside world has effect on me. Or in other words, how long and unaffected I can stay centered with my own inspired thoughts and dreams.

For years, I was a prisoner of social media. The idea that we need to keep up with such and such, just as the idea of keeping up with the Kardashian clan on TV, is a leech we carry around with us in our pockets and check to see if our well-being can be altered by checking other peoples actions. This by definition is a cause for misery; Living from the outside in. 

We’ve exchanged our TV’s for more connected TV’s we carry around in our pockets where people actually tell us what to think. Get the irony of circumstances.
While growing up, I was proud not to have a TV and many people I knew claimed they were above others because they knew differently than the “folks who were glued to the news”. A few years later, we’re all checking in on uninspired idiots hooking up around a glamorous camp fire in Bali, the scenario of the stories have changed, though the story is pretty much the same, just adapted to today’s standards and desires. Nothing has changed.

Dependent sheep mentalities will remain dependent and ingrained, simply they are dependent on something else. In fact, when was the last time you left your phone at home to go on a walk? When was the last time you didn’t worry about an urgent and important call you’d end up not receiving anyway?

Google literally follows us around, keeps track of our movements while collecting data. Zuckerberg has acquired Whatsapp, Instagram and probably has access to information on google collective data way above what we can imagine.

Think about this for a second, he knows everything about everything we thinkour worries, our desires, our fears… Combine all our information collectively and make algorithms; guess what? You have ultimate mind-control tools.

Are we really willing to continue feeding all this information so that higher up corporations can use our thoughts and feelings against us? Or will we decide to rebel, thus claiming our independence, cutting ourselves off from the fear of missing out, reclaiming our power and taking back our freedom while we change unbeknown to the algorithms and data patterns companies and governments are using to make decisions on our behalf?

It’s about time change came around. It’s due time for change. It’s been far too long.

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