Quit social media

I haven’t been on social media for a long while now, and I subscribed again today reactivating my account. I’ve had a few realisations…

  1. Society is empty and running on image and not anything internal. Everyone is running after a concept without actually knowing why they want it.
    “Hey guys, you’re running on empty trying to refuel by stressing out your nervous system more!”
  2. Turning my account off, at first I knew it was bad for my nervous system as I was always stimulated. But I didn’t see the effect on how productive I became when I turned it off.
  3. I gained confidence and wellbeing again. From constantly seeing how well everyone else is doing, the idea that we’re having to keep up with societies ideals and standards makes it impossible to appreciate where we are now.
  4. I started taking action in my life again. Gaining more time, I could focus on what I was thinking as well as structuring my life again!
  5. All my concernes disappeared.  Not being confronted with idiots all day long, trying to gain popularity and fame from snapchat etc is a major life improvement. We don’t hear, see or imbibe anyone’s dumb shit.
  6. I was happy. Focusing on my life, appreciating where I am, and also my gratitude journal, but mainly being comfortable in my now.
  7. I no longer compared. Not seeing someone who has the week later version update of something every 5 seconds can cause us to not appreciate what we have, what we are, and how we are living. Have you got a “Be more productive, work more, become rich!” theme tune running through your subconscious? Never letting you fully relax?
  8. Me time.

Where social media wasn’t around before 2000, people had less of a need to compare, and thus they were less implicated about everything going on on the other side of the world.
Even though social media has great effect by keeping everyone up to date, maybe being up to date isn’t what we need after a while. Like old iPhones trying to be the latest teck but can’t keep up with the new firmware…

For anyone wanting to get a gist of what is going on its great. Otherwise it’s probably hiding issues you have with who you are, your self esteem, or needing to focus on what everyone else is doing to not feel irrelevant. All based upon feeling inadequate, or by fear of being left behind…

Can we keep up with such a constant flow of information now that we are up to date?
Do we really need it now that we’ve been exposed to new things?
Or are we going to continu living in virtual delirium ad infinitum until our brains wear out?

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