When people break down their limiting beliefs, they become unstoppable, more creative. How do you define creativity? How creative are you in your business or life?

I define creativity as an energy, for me its a state of flow where what I envision comes out in writing, speaking, music, ideas and visions or what I can draw or paint. 

I would say I am very creative. There’s a difference between creative for productive. These are two different things.

Creative is the capacity to come up with ideas, to be stimulated and curious and driven to take action upon them.

It’s like an energy switch. Like turning on a light bulb. The energy behind the switch is something you cultivate and then allocate to whatever outlet, just like electricity.

I also practice energetic transmutation, which is harnessing my sexual energy and focussing it towards my creative pursuits, or physical exercise like running or cycling. 

Productive on the other hand is execution, this depends on your state of health and your discipline to apply your creativity through one outlet or another.

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