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What I’m currently reading:

Still reading:

The Pragmatic Programmer” – David Thomas & Andrew Hunt.
The great CEO within” – Matt Mochary, Alex Maccaw, Misha Talavera
Wealth – The ultra-high net worth guide to growing and protecting assets.” – Richard P. Rojeck

Added reading:

Javascript & Jquery” – J Duckett

What I’ve listened to (and liked):


  • Automn 3 – 2012” – Max Richter
  • Summer 3 – 2012” – Max Richter
  • In this together” – Rupert Gregson-Williams
  • Dreamworld” – Robin Thicke


  • Chef’s Table: Pizza

Quotes I’ve liked:

  • The conservation of one’s financial resources is merely the vestibule leading towards the more spacious chambers of true economy. It means, as well, the husbanding of one’s physical vitality and mental resources.” – James Allen
  • Spend your time doing only what you can uniquely do.” – Naval

This week’s curiosities, interests and thoughts:

  • This week the Queen passed away. After serving for 70 years, and providing a long and consistent reference to look up to, she passed away on Thursday. I’m shared as to what to think. Obviously, as I grew up in the UK, the queen had always been a reference in our lives, although a detached and distant reference.
  • I’m genuinely curious to know if we can learn how to code but also do other things on the side, such as write a book, build websites and anything else. This year is definitely a year for laying great foundations for the years to come.
  • I played Tennis with a friend yesterday. And the thought that came to mind is that, practicing a sport with a friend makes the sport to be playful rather than serious work we must practice with discipline. Practicing alone makes activities solemn and devoid of fun. Fun is the main ingredient for health. Without fun, we become boring and stiff. Thinking about integrating more friendships into my life.
  • I’ve been imagining creating some mort art.
  • If you have family, you’re extremely lucky. To have parents who have already screwed up, made mistakes, and figured things out, is like having cheat codes towards outcomes. They’ve climbed half of the mountain for you, and standing on their shoulders you have to then continue from where they leave you.

What I have done(this week):

  • I switched over from Python to Javascript.

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Everything you’ve ever desired will one day lose it’s value…

Press before reading.

We desire things, circumstances, abilities, skills, more things, people, control over people, and so on. Even the monks in the mountains must work on this.

We hope and ponder and then desire some more. We cry because we can’t have what we want, only to realise the day we get it that what we had all along was the greatest gift that went unappreciated and is now lost for ever.

And then, somewhere along the line, we traverse our arduous journeys and arrive at the final peak we’d longed for all along, only to find that we no longer desire it.

In our moment of achievement, we pop a bottle of champagne, we blow a few balloons, we throw caution to the wind and scream the accumulated pain we’ve carried for too long. But what is now ours is ours and that’s that, it might even be taken for granted despite carrying the heaviest weight of all.

What else is there?‘ we ask, ‘How can things be better?’ and ‘Where the hell is the grass greener?’ . Like a hamster on its wheel, we then strive again. In vain we change, we become, we overcome, … and then we stop. The dust settles. We’ve once again changed our circumstances. They’re different, they may seem better, they may seem more refined, perhaps more beautiful or more pragmatic.

Our peers look up to us, at first they pat us on the head, they congratulate us for what they could never achieve, then look at us from a distance with subtle hints of disdain and jealousy. Then silence. Then it happens all again, except now no one’s patting us on the head, and we’re looking down from a high rise ledge. Our problems become more and more intangible. Where we once hoped for food, we now hope for a deafening silence. Where we once hoped for friends, we now hope for loyalty.

Life has become a battlefield, and most powerful among us evolve faster than the speed of light. We’re all in the battle pit, some of us have stones, some of us guns. Some of us have missiles and then there are the silent and powerful who look down on the pit. We all look up, hoping to one day take their place, hoping to have some form of control over our life.

We remind ourselves to breath. In and out, in and out, because that is what we really have control over. We close our eyes, and then wake up and the fog of war has lifted. A spring day rears its buds and petals, and a gentle breeze blows over us all. Except it doesn’t. It’s a game of smoke and mirrors, and we’re back to square one. We’ve been duped into the illusion that we have control or power, and somewhere along the path we met the competition: it was the entire world and we alone – just like everyone else- believed that we could take it on. And we did, we looked the world in the eye and with a steel resolve exclaimed ‘I CAN TOO!’

But could we? Perhaps, perhaps not. Life decided to put us back on our path. The universe ‘aligned us’ with our true purpose. We got knocked down, and stood on. Our lungs barely moving, our breath minute. In quite and patient time we awaited to cease a weakened thought. We shift and we stand. In our herculean effort we strive, and crack open a thought that no longer makes sense. The collar that had been placed around our neck snaps, the thought we had jailed ourselves with pops, and through the steam and smoke, a clear curtain draws back.

Life has once again changed, except this time the change was ours for the taking. With every fibre of our body and soul, with every once of our being we lifted our mind, and in turn changed our action. Causing a butterfly effect. A man moves his finger in the right direction and causes tidal waves on the other side of the world. We stand.

A fight we never thought we could fight, is now under our collective foot, and we have become the masters of our fate. But have we? Perhaps not. Seeking for betterment, we hope once again. Nothing is good enough, and then it is. In that high and mighty moment of grace, we stand upon the pillars of our mindly foundations, and find to our grandiose perceptions, that what we had hoped for was already ours, that the fight we led was in our hearts, and the love we so needed was already written in stone.

My first 5.78€ !

I just made 5.78€. This is the best 5.78€ I’ve ever made. I have tears in my eyes, and I feel a graceful implosion of joy within. I just sold the first copy of my book. All of the hard work I’ve done on myself, everything I’ve been striving for. I’ve come so far, and overcome so much. And I think the feels like reaching the tip of the iceberg. I’m not certain how this sale came to happen, now why. But it feels good, I feel so happy. Because the amount of work I put into writing this book and everything I’ve had to go through to understand what I share in this book… It’s been a long journey! It’s far from perfect, I confess, but I put a lot of work into it. I did my best and that’s why I can say this is the best 5.78€ I’ve ever earned. The person who brought my book might demand a refund, who knows? But for now I’m savouring my sale. It’s just one, but it’s mine.

From nothing, through hard work, and with a solid vision to complete this book I created it. There’s no greater feeling than to be rewarded (no matter how little), for something we’ve put a large effort into. Despite this book being a part of my personal journey, as writing this book was what helped me to turn my life around just a little bit (on a mental level), I’m happy it might interest someone else.

Whoever you are, where ever you are; Thank you for confirming that everything I did wasn’t for nothing, for validating my transcendence of a difficult time in my life. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the read, and if you don’t please tell me how I can improve it for you.

All the best,

The creators guide to the galaxy

available on Amazon Kindle and Hardcover.

From 8.88€…

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How headphones dysregulate our inner ear, sense of balance, and ultimately our physical mechanics

I’ve been pondering whether or not I should write this for a while now, and as time goes on, my finding seems to have increasing evidence as to why we shouldn’t use music while we run and why we should ultimately train music free.

For starters, let’s talk about inner dialog and influence. Our inner dialog is important, our inner thoughts and observances, our ideas and so on, tend to be harmoniously adjusted to the speed and mood we have when plodding along the country lanes. When listening to music, our thoughts are influenced by the style of music we’re listening to. We’re somewhat pulled into someone elses field of being rather than our own. I’d nearly go to the extent of saying that we’d need to create our own music just to be in sync with ourselves. Though, despite that, we really do lack the fortification of our inner dialog. When we’re faced with it and only it, it becomes a lot more important for us to entertain an optimistic outlook, and hopeful “what if I could…?” and a clear vision of what we want to do while remaining clearly aware and responsive to our body and breathing. The quality of our fortified mind determines the quality of our runs, our energy and ultimately our well-being.

Balance. Running on habit. Running without headphones allows us to listen to our body, to our thoughts, and even to sync up with what is around us in a harmonious way. This last element is important, because while we listen to music, we become unaware of how we’re forcing our bodies to ‘press on’ despite driving them in a brutish manner. Not to mention the dysregulation of our inner ear and balance, this is the extent of why we drive our bodies in such a brutish manner. We’re essentially following a musical pattern that isn’t our own. This might work for dance choreographies, but for running its a big NO. Dancing is somewhat versatile, while running is a very repetitious action of one foot in front of the other. In a way, we have to be light footed and flexible, using our natural body dynamics.
All of that goes out the door when we have loud pounding music ‘forcing’ us onward.
Worse still, setting the forced momentum aside, is the lack of insight and empathy we have for our bodies while we run. We will get messages from our body. And our knee’s will lock, because we’re not listening!

Breathing, breathing patterns, and personal rhythms. When running, over the years, be that through long-distance trail runs, sprints or outpacing my friends on the soccer pitches, … I recalled the breathing patterns (3 in mouth, 1 long nose in, 3 long out / 4 rapid in nose, 2 long mouth out, …) chest patterns (How my lungs feel when I’m taking long strides? How capable I am when I’m sprinting? Am I sticking the chest out or am I pressing downward on my abdomen? …) and leg patterns (outward to in in rapid succession, long reaching outward strides, tiny but rapid tiptoes, or slow relaxed, recovery type running?). I had discarded all of this and was no longer paying attention (No wonder I felt winded, tired, and had knee pain!), to how I felt, to what my body was capable of, to what my breathing intake capacity was, I was simply pushing onwards to the beats in my ears.

Lack of special awareness. When running, or even cycling, I often found myself looking behind me as if paranoid suddenly and my general feeling was that of fear. Was someone or something behind me? If we can’t hear, we have to physically check, we’re disadvantaged.
This also plays into our internal sense of balance, when we have headphones on our voice goes tiny because we don’t want to speak too loud, and we thus seem to lack confidence when we utter a ‘Hello’ to someone at the gym or anywhere else. This is also an effect of numbing our senses and heightening a feeling, thus cutting us off from reality for a while. It’s as if we’re in a bubble, and that bubble prevents us from treading each pace correctly.
When running at night (with headphones and music), I’d often make a false stride or feel the need to turn around ‘just in case’ something or someone was there which is a weird sensation of fear that prevents our energy from flowing properly. Though, when running at night without headphones or music, my runs are peaceful, relaxed, and my strides never miss the mark, fear doesn’t even occur because I’m aware of what is around me. The same goes for the intensity of my pounding, without headphones each stride is perfectly balanced and proportionate to the weight distributed to that leg. But when listening to music, my strides are heavier and less balanced, its less a poetic dance between the roads and I than it is a brutish spartiate thirst to conquer the road. One is a friend to your knee’s, the other is out to kill them…

Fake motivation, like caffein, leads to a crash, a lack of personal momentum. When we’re running with music, something strange occurs. We settle into the beat and forget everything else, despite our bodies screaming at us and our lungs being overinflated or under-oxygenated due to the stress of pushing to the speed of the music. Although, as this happens we’re less privy to our thoughts, although we can hear them with music, they’re subtly influenced by the tone of the music. Ever tried listening to sad violin or piano while sitting in front of a window on a rainy day? How about turning on some Jazz to go with a piping hot cup of tea? The mood changes instantaneously doesn’t it? Yet, despite being in control of our thoughts, our feelings colour the perception of our thoughts thus tugging them one way or another. When we listen to elevated beat counts such as anything over 100 bpm, we tend to desync from our natural pattern and sync up to the creator of the song, the track, and how it resonates with us, thus making us feel one way or another.
Before we know it, we’re off to the races, except we’ve left our baseline state behind.

Baseline energy. When we depend on music to get motivation, our energy resonates with that dependency and we then need that musical high to get us motivated. And I’m pretty sure that the level of our energy is only in relation to our base state, so if we continually depend on music to amp us up, when we have no music in our ears we feel empty, and everything seems boring or even monotone. This is a major problem, it’s similar to the dopamine hits an addict gets when they force their way to get to the high. Except, after a while, they dysregulate their baseline sense of normalcy, thus creating a lack of comfort in the mundane everyday occurrences. This is a form of contrast which is uncomfortable to be in, which brings the individual to seek more stimulation in order to ‘feel alive’. When running without music, our thoughts, our mood and our breathing patterns are joined, thus creating a rhythm of thought that drives us onward, in a motivated way. Have you ever tried forcing yourself to do something when you’re unhappy or even angry? Right… you also know that when you force things, they often break. When going for a run, we’re driven by a mood and thought process and running without music allows us to strengthen our baseline optimism in a way running with music doesn’t.

Virtuous dynamic. When running with open ears, we create a virtuous circle, as we combine having the right balance, the right breathing patterns, propper balance, and fortification of our internal motivational dialogue.

Vicious dynamic. When running with hyper-stimulating kinds of music, while imbibing substances such as coffee, we essentially dysregulate our bodies natural capacity to a) create energy to thrive off of, b) we become dependant on some external form of stimulus to do most anything, c) our energy suffers as a consequence and so does our mental health, d) we end up pushing and forcing our bodies to adapt to the rhythm of the music, e) we dysregulate our inner ear, thus becoming unbalanced and unaware of the impact, the pace, and the dynamic of our body on the roads.

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Discomfort in solitude or Doorway to infinite potential?

Are you alone? Good, I want you to listen to me. I have something to say…

How does one overcome the feeling of aloneness? Is it the acceptation of here and now? Is it ceasing to reject the emotion? Contemplating that we are alone, friendless, cut off and isolated. Comparing that where one once had friends, the friends have moved on and now its just us. Face to face with ourself, the feelings, the fears, the shortcomings, our faulty projections… it all tends to come out and it sits there next to us quietly.

Solitude tends to confront us with our limitations and inadequacies. It shows us our flaws. Hence why we must watch our thoughts when we’re alone, because that’s when we’re the most vulnerable. Though, that’s also where we can find real power… You see, it’s when we embrace the discomfort of being alone that our creativity comes up to the surface. I like to call it confidence, because it’s where I feel most confident.

It’s that space where I’m totally undefined by the world, where my creative potential is fully ignited. It’s the space where vision and all future possibilities become possible. Nowhere else on earth is it possible to access that space but while I’m alone after stepping through the threshold of discomfort into a universe of full potential. It’s where I can Flow, it’s where I can project, it’s where I can mould my future.

Most people get uncomfortable and reach out to a friend, go for a walk, find someone to fill the gap, but those people miss out on the invisible door of potential that lies somewhere tucked between Mr Discomforts house and Solitude alley. Similar to King’s Cross – Platform 9 3/4 in Harry potter. It’s a little place camouflaged by fear and doubt. Funnily enough, J.K. Rowling most probably embraces this same gateway, just as other writers and creatives.

It’s within this space that all creation can take place, its where energy is transformed into magic. It’s where flow comes out to play and the world around ceases to exist. It’s you and you and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Like Inception, ideas are created and in the background, worlds are formed.

Like “The Butterfly Effect”, the creation and harmonization of our thoughts right here create changes on the other side of the world. Just by thinking, we are shifting the world around us and forming our relationships with others.

In this space of full potential unlimited possibilities present themselves and like playdoe we shape them into the circumstances. Our vision serves as an inner blueprint for the external world, it’s the reel from which the movie is played. By changing the sequence and the meaning of images we change the story we project. It’s in those moments of projection that we convince and confirm our beliefs, thus setting in motion actions. We are Gods in human form, and we don’t even have to close our eyes. So long that we’re aware of how we feel and we’re able to let go of the tough nitty gritty feelings we tend to latch onto, we can shape our life through the realm of full potential.

I know… I’m starting to sound like Deepak Chopra. Yes, perhaps. Although, I believe that he’s found what I’ve found, and that we’re talking about the same thing. The channelling of divine energy towards the materialisation in reality via the medium of vision supported by conscious thought.

The vast array of possibilities only opens up once we can accept our present NOW and fully embrace it. All becomes available to us when we stop fighting against the imaginary pain that could be and start envisioning the extent of all that could go right.

The funny thing about this quote is that it’s not the actual falling or actual flying that we need to worry about, it’s the envisioning and allocation of mental resources to falling or flying. We must mind the gap between our desires, fears and become conscious of what we repeat. Imagine you stop thinking about something and never think about it again, and suddenly, that repetitious even comforting comfort-zone of a thought is gone; you just shifted your thoughts towards something new. In the words of the old American Indian sages, “Which wolf are you feeding?”

Often we complain about our lives and point a finger at how “something” keeps on happening to us, and then we go back to thinking the same thoughts and wonder why these events happen. It’s a direct consequence type of effect.

Instead of complaining about what is happening in our reality, we should become conscious about where we are spending our thought-time. What are we spending time thinking about and why are we focussed on the worst case scenario when we should be feeding the best case scenario? Why are we sitting here complaining about things not happening when we could be taking action towards all the possibilities that could be available if we only lifted a hand and reached out to take it.

On a less action-type note, questioning our assumptions, convictions, and beliefs and understanding that nothing is written in stone, especially if its “written” in the mind. Taking the time to ponder the validity of a thought, even though we initially reject it, is a great doorway to changing or undoing that very thought, however crystalized it is.

The key is sitting alone with the feeling, accepting it for what it is; essentially embracing it. It’s in that intimate space between you and you that the doorways of creation between your belly and your crown chakra open. Once you’ve decided that fear is no longer an issue, once you’re ready to give up any power it has over you, once limbo no longer has anything on you, once you’re okay with the idea of dying to your own fear. Suddenly, fear lets go and you’re freed to access your full power.

Are you afraid of your infinite potential?

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Great news!

Hello friends!

I just published a new cover for my hardcover book,
I hope you like:

If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear from you.

All the best,
Cherokee Goldberg

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Would you like to learn how to create anything?

Have you ever felt that creativity eluded you? That it’s just not for you? That the good life is only for other people?

Well… I did too. That is until I decided to delve into my depths to understand what was holding me back. When I took the plunge an entire universe opened up to me. Life became exciting, I started to enjoy my creative process. Just as you will.

Within these pages, I’ve shared with you what holds us back from being creative, what prevents us from clear focus. I’ve also delved into how to get energy and how to channel it towards the outcomes we seek. Then, I share creative processes (step by step) for you to apply them whereever you are. And last but not least, I decided I’d share some bonus content (how to manifest, why The secret doesn’t work, How to master anything, and other goodies but that’s entirely up to you to discover).

Don’t wait too long, my book is currently at .99$, but it won’t stay this cheap forever. It will go back up to 8.88 at the end of the month, so make sure you cease the opportunity.

It’s taken me 10 years to understand the principles in this book and 5 years to overcome my limitations to share them with you. And if that wasn’t enough I’ve been through a lot of pain and trouble to comptehend these things. Hopefully, by reading my words I’m saving you from having to go through the pain I went through.

All the best success, health and wealth,

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N°2 on Amazon’s top 100 list on creativity!

Huraaah! The creators guide to the galaxy is N°2 on amazons best sales on amazon!

I don’t normally go out of my way to share these things, but it feels good to see my book in second place after only a few weeks of publishing. Whoever you are who purchased my book, thank you. I’ve worked so much on this project and to see it in second place on amazon feels amazing! I’m so grateful!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Creative Excellence (it’s a book!)

I have an announcement to make! I’m pretty excited to share this news as I’ve been working on this for a while! In fact, it brings me to tears, it’s taken me some 12 years to come up with this and get this far!

I wanted to be an independent thinker, so the fact that I managed to come up with this on my own only accentuates how much more important this is to me. I’ve struggled so much, I’ve been through so much pain, I’ve caused myself so much distress, and I’ve become so much more acute because of it.

In a world where we’re safeguarded from pain, difficulty and risk, going against the grain and figuring out how to experience more rather than less, is a damn difficult task. But ever so useful when we seek to go through process and evolve. You see, a process where you don’t experience any emotions is a process where you don’t grow on a deeper level. So many of us only evolve on a mental level, but never on an emotional and spiritual level. In fact, I can clearly say that 10 years ago I couldn’t express what I felt. It was so bad, that when I had girlfriends, I expressed what I felt for them through MP3 titles.

My mind was so rigid that thinking or even being anything other than what I believed I was felt like torture. In fact, I was petrified. I was scared shitless at the idea of doing anything different from what I knew. So getting outside of myself felt like I was going to die somehow. I repeated this dying sensation over and over for about 10 years, which expanded my mind and heart beyond anything I could possibly have imagined before doing so.

I knew, when I quit high-school , that I needed to go through pain. I figured that if Madonna had been raped, and Lady Gaga had experienced a rough break-up, and Eckhart Tolle had a pain body so excruciating that he had to let go of it, and they all became who they are today. Then I had to suffer
in order to achieve a degree of fame and enlightenment. For me fame was synonymous with enlightenment. If I was in any way famous, I’d achieve it by letting go of my preconceived notions and going through a process until I was excellent. I knew that this process would work for me as I had already repeated this pattern so many times in my adolescence and had become the best in my circle by applying repeated patterns.

This may have become common knowledge now, but at the time I was going on intuition. So my knowledge to train with people who were far better than I was, always striving to become better than I was and aiming to emulate the best people I can envision essentially came from me. Others may have figured it out, or maybe I subconsciously stumbled across a process which world class players applied. I remember training for soccer. I’d go running on my own, and train at the mini football pitch before going to soccer practice and matches, where other people on the team simply contented themselves with going to practice once or twice a week, I’d train nearly 4 to 5 times per week depending on energy. I applied this same process for video-games and obliterated my opponents. I then decided to apply this same method to real life practices such as business. I went to work for, what I considered the best in the area where I was working, Swarovski and Pandora. And during my 1 year stay working for them, I produced – selling products between 5 and 200 euros- around 130 000K. Of which I received maybe 10 percent during the course of the year. I then applied for some of the most successful companies in the world such as Apple, Marriott International and other such monsters of industry.

I then proceeded to reach a state of burnout. I couldn’t upkeep the rhythm at which I was working.
I simply couldn’t fuel my energy expense. Mostly because my motivation was extrinsic. Finding the energy to depend upon someone external didn’t cut it for me anymore. Not to mention that depending on others to recompense me and fulfil my needs wasn’t a good long term solution.

Transitioning from extrinsic motivation to intrinsic motivation took a lot out of me. In fact it was a harsh process, through which I tested myself, my limits, the imposed limits which had been imposed upon me, the fears of those around me, how far I could go. I needed to discover myself and what made my tick.
I didn’t care about the effects of the process, I would succeed despite anything which came on. I would go through this and I would succeed. I did not care one Iota about what other people thought about me.
I decided to go through as many difficult situations, to face embarrassment, to go through risks, to go through a high degree of failure in order to get in the habit of feeling those emotions. I didn’t want to be bothered by anything normal people are afraid of. In fact I wanted to elevate myself above what I thought were everyone else’s limitations. I wanted to rise well above those around me because I hated the way I felt around them so much. This would take difficulty. This would take grit. This would take courage.
And beyond anything that I thought I needed to do, this would take a healthy amount of self-belief; a substance I had little of when starting out. I believed that everything I was, was because of the people I associated to. So, I needed to succeed at any costs on my own, via my own vision, and of course by making my own mistakes.

This was because I saw my parents success as something which prevented me from succeeding.
I needed to surpass what they had done in order to define myself. I needed to become a better artist, a better writer and of course I needed to become a better chef. I needed to become somewhat rich internally before I could become rich externally. I needed to believe.

Along the way, I also needed to discover my own process. What made me tick, but how I’d apply my energy. How sensitive I was, and what kind of environment and requirements I needed to achieve a degree of excellence. I’d go as far as go to 5 star hotels to experience what being rich meant, I’d do what rich people did. I’d spend time with people who had yachts. I’d spend time on yachts. I’d pop champagne. But I’d also spend time with the most successful people I could.

I developed the confidence to go to Monaco on a whim. I went to the GP. I brushed with my second uncle David Coulthard. (Yes, for some reason I’m related to him…) Which upped my standards for myself and gave me an impetus to become greater than what I was. But regardless of the external conditions I was brought up with. My grand father having been to Cambridge, my grand mother having also been to an Ivy League school. My cousins being straight A students and being top players in industry. My parents being hardcore entrepreneurs since day one. My father being a north star for me to aspire to with my own standards of doing things. Growing up my best friends were wealthy, in England, as well as in France.

For some reason, I tend to have an inner energy which – like a magnet- attracts me to those situations, or attracts those situations to me. An inner essence which seems to need to always be better. Astrologers would say this is because I have a Moon in Leo in addition to a Jupiter in Leo. Others could say it’s because I’m an achiever. And still others could say I’ve been surrounded with excellence since day one.

But, without a doubt, I’ve always had fire within. I remember when I was about 5 years old, I wanted to be an artist, I also distinctly remember expressing this inner fire as “adrenalin”. But its not adrenalin. It’s an inner feeling of greatness which I cannot ignore. An inner standard which will reside in me til the day I die.

It doesn’t matter how low I go, this fire will always carry me higher. I will always float back up as long as I can keep my mind open. And like a hot air balloon, I will float up to the top empowered by this inner flame, with my mind wide open like the Envelop.

And with this sentiment, I share with you, my new book the Creators guide to the galaxy.

On amazon kindle and hardcover!

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We’re all millionaires, about time we acted like it.

“Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing.” – Miles Davis. 

Every second you sit there is just going to waste. Literally, you’ll never get it back. Your time here on earth is limited. As much as you take your life for granted, which is ok too, there dreams you need to accomplish in this life time. You are here to experience life fully.

Imagine everything that you have ever wanted. Imagine the best times in your life and the way you felt. That time when you were a child, when you were exited to know what was under the tree. Imagine that time when you were going to meet your first girlfriend for the very first time, or that you meet your soulmate for that very first time while everything is in synchronicity just as you turn around and see them your life changes for ever.

Imagine if nothing happened for you because you weren’t making the most of your life. Instead, life has no meaning and you are caught in an eternal hamster wheel just running and running, just exchanging your time and focus, and effort against a tiny percentage of what your value actually is. Imagine for a second, that all could change.

Maybe see it differently. Our time is constantly fleeting. While we sleep 1/3 of our life away, we are left with 2/3 of our life to do what we “want” to do, if we have 2/3 of our time for ourselves that is! Then according to the fact you have a job, you’ll probably work 8 hours per day, which brings your life down to 1/3 of free time which you spend getting ready for work or relaxing/resting from work, and if you’re ambitious enough you might get a couple of hours for yourself after subtracting driving to and back from work, getting groceries, taking care of kids etc. 

That leaves you with very little time for yourself doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great if you could use time differently though? If you could take a step back from life and create a life for yourself from scratch would you? Or would you feel overwhelmed?

There were no rules, no obligations, or any limitations to what you could do and money isn’t the problem, what would you do? (hint: when you can rid yourself of your own mental limitations it gets interesting.)

When we say we are “taking our time”, a smart thing to do while taking that time, is to reallocate it for ourselves. By reallocating time and putting the extra 2/3 on our side, we open up new doors to possibilities which didn’t seem possible before. We’re taking control of our time!

In doing so, we get to see the picture clearly. Now, lets restructure time…

If we can be counted on by ourselves to make decisions for ourselves, placing time in our hands is a little like giving us the holy grail. We access a whole new given power and we feel great! Or a little overwhelmed without knowing what we want to do… Creating structure is an important one to focus on when one has time. 

Observing what works for us and what doesn’t, making clarifications about how we function optimally becomes a necessity. 

There are certain structures which work well. Simple structures like calendars, and “emploi du temps” which we would normally use for work. Instead, because work becomes something we want to do, we seamlessly weave it into our daily routines as opposed to have routines around a black block of low grade pay submission to make money for someone else. No, I’m not a fan of working for people who are “above” me. As I suppose most entrepreneurs.

Let’s break a year down into work.
Let’s say you have 24hrs in a day.
You’ll spend 8 Sleeping if you’re lucky. 

You’ll spend 8 Working (+1or 2 commuting) 45hrs/week

for an employer in order to pay your bills, eat, clothe yourself, and perhaps pay for your passions. 

You’ll have 8 hours to yourself.
(from which you subtract getting to work 1-2hrs- lets go with 1) 

You spend about approx’ 1hr per  day getting ready for work. 

1hour of sport per day ( I liked to run for around an hour)

You generally spend about 1 hour to 2 hours resurfacing from
your busy work day. Lets say you’re healthy and well – 1 hour. 


You spend about 2Hrs to 3hrs prepping and eating food (if you are doing it in a healthy way) – lets say 2 if you’re hyper well organised.
You are interested in Developing your mind because you enjoy mind-work.
Reading: 1hr 

HouseCleaning/Taking out the bins/ Washing clothes/ Hanging them out/ Ironing your clothes… You’re done No more time for you. You’ve reached the limit…

How much time do you have left in your life?
How long does it take to become a master at something?
How long do we sleep?
How much time do we need for basic needs per day?
How can we optimise our days for the best amount of time?
How can we take our time and use it correctly?

How much time do we have Left? 

24h in a day 

720 in a month

8640 in a year. 

I’m 29 years old at the time of writing this book.
Let’s say I live until 90 Years old and I die on my birthday in 2080. 

This leaves me with 61 years to live approximately. 

I then have 527040 hours of time to live. 

Now, let’s subtract the 8 hours of sleep I have per day.

I only have 16 hours out of the 24, if I want to resource myself and keep a healthy body, sleep is necessary. At least by my standards at this age. Taking into account other factors can be accounted for, ageing symptoms will vary this time. This is about creating a reference for the amount of time I have left to live and experience the world. If I’m lucky, maybe I will have an impact on some people.

If we retract the 8 hours of sleep per night during those 61 years, we’ll end up with

something like this: 

16/24 hours in a day. 

480/720 per month. 

5760/8640 per year. 

5760 multiplied by 61 becomes 351360 hours of life to live. Minus the time I’ll need to eat, shower, etc. Minimising the time I spend at the shops looking for food, or the time I spend at work changes my life intrinsically. My life becomes pragmatic and everything is about optimising the time I have so I can make the best out of the time I have here on earth. Why would I want to spend half an hour to 3 hours waiting for someone who doesn’t show up because they have some form of disrespect for authority in their lives? Why would I want to waste time talking to people who only have negative perspectives and who without a doubt Know better than me? Why would I want to spend any time at all on anything which doesn’t actually serve me life, stagnating, non productive? It’s beyond me.

Knowing I have 350 thousand hours of time left; what do I wish to accomplish with my time? How can I optimise and best use my 175680 hours of sleep? 

How can I best use my 350 000 hours of time?
The time is mine to spend however I wish to spend it. 

Do I wish to leave behind a legacy?
Do I wish to create beauty and harmony to leave behind to the world? 

Do I wish to participate in someone else’s legacy?
Do I wish to simply spend this time working for money? 

Or do I wish to create something which betters the existence of everyone around me and all those to come? 

Or do I simply wish to spend my time getting praise, to then vanish one day and have people tell stories and tails about me? 

Think about it through another perspective:

(Redo the math: )Think of it this way, I’m 29, and if I work until I’m 90 I can expect to make
1 750 000, if I work every day until I die. which means that if I work every single day until I’m 60 I can expect to have 875 000 thousand euros. Thats all.

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