Waiting and Time.

Patience is simply learning to love your own presence enough to take care of your time.  If you take care of your time, you can be as patient as you want.  If your time is diverted towards an outcome of your choosing, your life becomes wealthy and full of life and joy.  If your time […]

My take on brain food?

Food, is fuel.  Though, we also have brain food, such as inspiring information, knowledge and facts.  The more natural, unstressed, qualitative types of food we provide our bodies, the better the outcome.  We imbibe energy, which is converted into thoughts. Our thoughts combine and like a painting, transposed upon a canvas, our thoughts transcribe the […]

How do I stay consistent in changeability?

What is consistent is my soul, which I have developed my relationship with. My soul has become more and more distinguished for me as I have evolved through pain over the years. As if cracking the eggshells away from the white egginess of our souls, we discover an intangible yolk. The white, is more like […]

Perspective on consumer mindset and independant leaders.

How much of a consumer are you? Or put another way, what do you desire most? Freedom or other people’s acceptance? Funnily enough, desiring freedom will give you other people’s acceptance and being free. While chosing other people’s acceptance will enslave you and they most likely won’t care anyway… So double loss. Most people are […]

Podcast interview shownotes:

1. Did you have any limiting beliefs or imposter syndrome?  Growing up, I’ve had many limiting beliefs, and I’ve experienced imposter syndrome. Though, I have found that imposter syndrome came from me not being where I needed to be. You know, there’s an article by Gary V which talks about how entrepreneurs ARE BORN, NOT MADE. Which explains […]

What is the reason people give up after trying a few times?

I suppose Lack of pleasure in the doing of, lack of results in the achievement, or simply ‘lacking in faith’ that things will get better.  I believe that if people give up after a few times, its mainly because they don’t find an accessible foothold in order to start climbing that mountain.  They may get overwhelmed by the […]

What is the main reason people don’t try?

People don’t try because they don’t believe in themselves or are in fear of the outcome. Better yet, they may have a fear of success and the Trying of X or Y creates a sense of paralysis. People may not try for many reasons. Not believing in themselves or their skills, or their capacity to overcome obstacles.  It can also be environmental, […]

Jobs vs Purpose

How many years are you supposed to study to get a job? How many years are you supposed to invest into your studies in order to land a job?  In my view, the easiest way to get a job is to work on social skills like retail and jobs alike.  I studied for 2 years to […]

Do you get frustrated when your creative ideas don’t work out?

So far, I’ve found that I am an optimist in this regard. I cannot remember any ideas which haven’t taught me something. I love to learn, and setbacks always have a silver lining.  When I was younger, I’d get angry at myself for not living up to my standards and my expectations. But with time, I see […]

When you think outside of the box, do you get the results you expect?

Life provides me with multiple special moments of subtle lucidity.  But I know I can only get these moments, if I follow my intuition and my higher judgement.  I haven’t yet been disappointed by life. Only by my own expectancies. Because I want it to happen now, instead of going through the process. And that comes down to the […]

Covering the soul in colour and seeing it clearly.

Depending on your belief, we each have a singular soul or in atheist terms we all have a specific set of psychological and biological makings which make us individually singular. Whatever your God or lack-thereof sais everyone is different. No two people are the same, even if they look identical, who they are on the inside, how […]

How often do you think outside the box?

I’d say nearly everyday, though I don’t really have a box. I have visions. Although I do enjoy parameters to think in. I believe I have achieved a pretty nice degree of freedom within my mind, which allows me to dream and drift.  So, I don’t really have any limitations except for the rules on earth and society and […]