Do you get frustrated when your creative ideas don’t work out?

So far, I’ve found that I am an optimist in this regard.

I cannot remember any ideas which haven’t taught me something. I love to learn, and setbacks always have a silver lining. 

When I was younger, I’d get angry at myself for not living up to my standards and my expectations. But with time, I see that’s wasted energy in that, it’s bad for one’s health. It’s clearly just unproductive. So by finding a more harmonious way of living and accepting myself, life has become fluid instead of forced. Therefore, frustration seeps away. 

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When you think outside of the box, do you get the results you expect?

Life provides me with multiple special moments of subtle lucidity. 

But I know I can only get these moments, if I follow my intuition and my higher judgement. 

I haven’t yet been disappointed by life. Only by my own expectancies. 
Because I want it to happen now, instead of going through the process.
And that comes down to the development of patience and not expecting,
but doing your best in the present moment.

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Covering the soul in colour and seeing it clearly.

Depending on your belief, we each have a singular soul or in atheist terms we all have a specific set of psychological and biological makings which make us individually singular. Whatever your God or lack-thereof sais everyone is different.

No two people are the same, even if they look identical, who they are on the inside, how they think and feel is very different. Except those who have no clue and spend their time living inside a tiny box, in their tiny consumer mindset running around like
lab-rats while they try to please their neighbours and work colleagues. 

Though ultimately when we get to explore – it takes painful awakenings sometimes- our singularity, we discover a distinguished set of ways which work only for us. 

Why? No two human beings are alike. Not even remotely… We look alike and have similar needs. But as we distinguish ourselves, we step away from the conformism of the group setting which we aspire to. We affirm that we are unique… the adverts no longer apply.

The soul is like a blank canvas, we come into life, and the mind can sense it clearly because we haven’t been formed to think or act a specific way. Over time we’re taught how to perceive the world, people want to leave an imprint on us, they want to 

form us into what they want. Some want to use us, some want what we have, etc. Though, over time, we cannot see the blank canvas anymore, theres lots of mess around it, depriving us of seeing it clearly. Until, we get rid of the excess baggage we’re told to carry around since we’re young. 

Society wants us to conform, we must live according to the peer group around us otherwise they’ll reject us, we must have diplomas in order to work in order to survive. If we have diplomas, most people believe they’ll give us access to a distinguished career. 

A distinguished career which, is basically status signalling if we think about it. To show others that we fit in and we do it well, that our minds have been formed by prestige in a highly esteemed ivy league school.

Though what isn’t being said here is that we’re ultimately searching for confirmation.
A written diploma and perhaps photos of our fraternity to make it clear to ourselves that we have confirmation that we are eligible to think for ourselves and take action in the world. That’s an expensive confirmation!

Every experience in life, is like sculpting rock or painting with paintballs…

The experiences chip away at us, until our learn’t ways “the excessive external rock” surrounding our soul is chipped off. Or life takes shots at us, until every inch of our soul is covered in colour (if we use the canvas idea). All the paintballs which missed weren’t made for us, even if they were aimed at us, and our goal is to simply take enough shots in order to cover the canvas. Not all at once, but over time, life will shoot us until our canvas is covered in colour and our soul is clearly visible to us. 

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How often do you think outside the box?

I’d say nearly everyday, though I don’t really have a box. 
I have visions. Although I do enjoy parameters to think in.

I believe I have achieved a pretty nice degree of freedom within my mind, which allows me to dream and drift. 

So, I don’t really have any limitations except for the rules on earth and society and of relations which are heavily important. 

If it comes to beliefs which I find limiting when I catch myself thinking them.
I immediately ask myself if its true or if I can create a better belief for myself.

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What is your view on creativity?

Creativity can be thinking inside of the box. Parameters vary.

You can be creative within a certain structure or limitation which gives you the possibility to create with X or Y outcome. Say for example I want to paint a painting, and the settings with which I’m aloud to create that painting are only black and gold paint. That is the box I’m aloud to create in. That is creativity. 

It is also true for the contrary, say you’re not aloud to use the colour gold or the pigment black, but you’re aloud to use all the others, That is thinking outside of the box for example. Or simply using other types of materials in order to produce an outcome. Creativity when applied to business is problem solving. Having a Box is like having a plan. It was Eisenhower who said:

“No battle was ever won according to plan, but no battle was ever won without one.” 

I believe this applies to creativity. We can either chose to paint within the box, or like rules we can disregard them… and simply create on inspiration. It depends on the means of expression.

I think the main mistake we make is believing that creativity is only that burst of inspiration when we’re in a state of flow. Editing productions is also creativity, only its in a more grounded creativity. It’s rational instead of spontaneous.

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Interesting people get interested. Boring people are bored.

Having a routine Job is indoctrination of our minds. Everyday, you go to your job, engage in job training, learn new things about the job, learn new knowledge and information about how to better meet the expectation of your position. 

Only to observe something, what you put in your mind, where you focus your attention, is where your attention and energy flow. Your brain is exposed to what your brain is focussed on. What you look at with your eyes, what you hear with your ears, all of this is what you are putting in your mind. 

Let’s use a blender for example, put Bananas and chocolate powder in, some sort of coconut milk and maybe some cinnamon… Why would you expect a different result?

If you don’t like Banana’s, then the end result of what you are preparing might not be to your taste. Don’t expect something different if you continue putting the same stuff inside…

If you’re not interested in your job, other than money and the opportunity to be there, then the knowledge and repetition day in and day out may not be what you want to be putting within your brain. 

Say for example, you learn things in school, then from school you go directly into university, then after uni, you decide to take a gap year, then go to get a job once you’ve looked around a bit. Everything you’ve ever learn’t has been adding to you getting the job you get. It’s a likely conclusion.

You’re literally being trained to get a job to work for someone from a very young age. 
If you don’t have an inner rebel, then you won’t question what you’re being taught, you won’t question why you’re doing what you’re doing.

I remember when I was 14, I couldn’t figure out why the maths problems we were learning to solve were being taught to us. I liked math, though, it had nothing to do with anything I needed in society. I saw that then, I still believe that now.

Nothing I learned in school made sense, until I stopped doing things I was told to do.When I started doing things because I wanted to do them, then everything I was taught made sense. 

“If there is too little demand on them (people), people are bored.” Csikszentmihalyi Mikahel

This works in a specific way for sheep. But another way for shephards. Its more correct to look at it like this: 

Boring people are bored when there isn’t much demand of them.
Sheep graze grass boringly when they aren’t asked to to anything.
A shephard on the other hand, will always have something to do,
his livelihood depends on it. 

If you learn how to use your time and make decisions for yourself, you’ll very quickly come to the understanding that you don’t have time to be bored. You’re either curious, interested, creative, dealing with something…

But bored doesn’t enter the equation. Out of the life you live, you only have so much time. When life is on your terms, you chose your time very carefully. When you’ve bulit your life up from scratch you’ve taken the time to look at every little detail of why you want to live the life you’re living. 

I’ve been able to stay in the same room I grew up in for more than 5 years give or take. 

I was on social welfare for a while, but never for a minute was I bored. I was occupied, preoccupied, busy, interested, creative, understanding something, researching something, delving into books, movies, undestanding…

Bored doesn’t enter my vocabulary, because the life I lead is the life I chose to live. Boring people get bored, interesting people get interested. 

Why do some people lack in creativity while others don’t?

I believe creativity is something you confirm for yourself and then you practice or cultivate it. 

It’s a little like your name. For example You’re called Dave since you’re young, therefore, your name isn’t up for question. You have confirmed it for yourself, you’re confident that your name is Dave. Creativity is a little similar. You harness it while young and continu to believe in your creativity. You’ve ticked off that box. 

Now, I’ve had a long moment in life where I wasn’t being creative, though I wasn’t seeing it as creative. Everyone is creative, just differently.

Some people make visual art like paintings or writing, sculptures for example. 
Others have an art which is more subtle, like speaking or carrying themselves a specific way, or sports. Think about rappers for example. It’s an art and lifestyle.

You have energy, let’s say you have 100 tokens of creativity per day. What do you invest those tokens in? 

You could either use your creative energy to produce art, and you’d be considered an artist or a painter for example. 

Or you could use that same energy and apply it to more left brained activities like maths, science or physics. And you’d be considered a physician, a mathematician, or a scientist. Your creativity would be considered the results of your equations and conclusions.

I believe that it is part of how you define yourself while you’re young too, and what you fortify through repeated confirmations over the course of your childhood and adolescence. So, I believe people lack in creativity, because they’ve maybe not developed that side of themselves. Maybe they don’t lack in creativity at all, its just that the creativity we’re seeing isn’t expected as creativity. 

Writing a 12 page essay every week -for example- for a law student… – Law students aren’t considered artists, but they practice their art – that’s creativity, they’re creating a 12 page essay, they’re formulating structure and being creative in their capacity to visualise and translate their thoughts on to paper. 

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You can’t change who you are.

There is something inside of you that you cannot change, no matter what experiences you go through, no matter what you do, you cannot change. You simply uncover and chip away at what is stopping you from perceiving yourself as clearly as you need to, so you can act in a more harmonious way more aligned to who you really are. 

It’s as if you believe you’re an old Lada, but you’re actually a Porshe or a Ferrari. We see ourselves through distorted lenses which disable us from attaining our higher potentials. 

These lenses, we acquire them over the course of youth, childhood and difficult experiences. Defense mechanisms, fear of things happening again, desire of things happening again, etc. The result is we get stuck looking at life through specific lenses we don’t need anymore. They simply get in the way of living how we need to live. 

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When people break down their limiting beliefs, they become unstoppable, more creative. How do you define creativity? How creative are you in your business or life?

I define creativity as an energy, for me its a state of flow where what I envision comes out in writing, speaking, music, ideas and visions or what I can draw or paint. 

I would say I am very creative. There’s a difference between creative for productive. These are two different things.

Creative is the capacity to come up with ideas, to be stimulated and curious and driven to take action upon them.

It’s like an energy switch. Like turning on a light bulb. The energy behind the switch is something you cultivate and then allocate to whatever outlet, just like electricity.

I also practice energetic transmutation, which is harnessing my sexual energy and focussing it towards my creative pursuits, or physical exercise like running or cycling. 

Productive on the other hand is execution, this depends on your state of health and your discipline to apply your creativity through one outlet or another.

If my writing inspires you, take a look at some of the books which have
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How did you overcome false beliefs?

Coaching and following my intuition.

Coaching helped me have an unemotional mirror which would send me clear feedback as to what I was projecting, and unbiased information in order to evolve on specific topics. Through coaching I was able to pinpoint false beliefs by being as vulnerable as could be. Taking note of the words I utter. Observing repetitive patterns and the limitations which come up in my life.

Developing my intuition – on the other hand- came from trial and error, testing my intuition over and over. Making mistakes over and over, just to see if I was right. Just to confirm the feeling I had in my gut beforehand. And this over the course of a long time.
This is something you do because you’re curious of the outcome.

Confronting our reality to actual reality, helps us to see if we are going wrong.
Where the trial and error of results based action will help us define where we’re going right.

If my writing inspires you, take a look at some of the books which have
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