0 Golden Nuggets you’re looking for

“Information used to be as rare and precious as gold. (It is estimated that one weekday edition of today’s New York Times contains more information than the average person in seventeenth-century England was likely to come across in an entire lifetime.”

You Should Build from Here

We all start of at different places in life. Some get the possibility of being born into billionaire status, while others start off with very little if not nothing at all. Others start with even less than the middle 0 point. A good idea I have found for myself, is to  “Build from where youContinue reading “You Should Build from Here”

ATTENTION: Social media causes Hyper-selectivity

Swipe. Swipe. Toggle. Swipe. Swipe… Our standards have drastically been altered. Being confronted with a constant visual stimulus of change has hardwired us to pick, sift and sort what we think we most desire and/or (depending on our evolution) need in order to be happy. Or, in other words, what we think we need inContinue reading “ATTENTION: Social media causes Hyper-selectivity”