Introverts and others

You know how we tend to want to put a label on ourselves to define who we are so we can be a part of something? It comforts us, it allows us to feel maybe as if we belong.Well, that label can also be restrictive in fully harnessing our potential. I’ve concluded that maybe allContinue reading “Introverts and others”

Embracing creativity over pursuing money.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the easy exchange of effort and time against a small amount of money or even a large one. But if we give in to the exchange, we also have to acknowledge that our time and energy are less precious than the money we receive. We believe weContinue reading “Embracing creativity over pursuing money.”

A Christmas Iteration

First of all, if I don’t start by saying Merry Christmas, I will probably forget. And as it is Christmas after all, I can’t help but wish you a wonderful day full of surprises, good health, wealth and family. But as I’ve decided I’m all business this afternoon, I won’t touch much more about ChristmasContinue reading “A Christmas Iteration”

Singular blueprints; one size fits all knowledge.

We live neither in the era of Jesus, nor do we live in the era of King Salomon, Martin Luther King Jr, or even Bill Gates… even if he lives in the same era as us he wasn’t born in the same generation as mine and his mind formed very differently to that of myContinue reading “Singular blueprints; one size fits all knowledge.”

Are you an Oak or a Flower?

-You’ll often see people living on some beach in Bali with a plastic surgery changed body. Only what you don’t see, and what they don’t see, is the bigger picture. -How the fuck can I see a bigger picture than that?! That’s the dream! One might exclaim. Hold your horses, you’re not seeing clearly. You’reContinue reading “Are you an Oak or a Flower?”