What satiates you, appreciates you

The unique thing about time is that it is irreversible and irreplaceable. Once lost, you cannot replace it you cannot add to it. Like an ice-cube, time is constantly melting away. Our time is ephemeral. Here now, gone tomorrow. Which means that our lives are scarce, even if there are 7.8Bn of us. We mustContinue reading “What satiates you, appreciates you”

Do you believe in soul mates?

I do. Above all, I believe in love. Maybe to some this may seem a little naïve. Though for me, its the most important thing. It will always come first. A while back, I believe that I met my soul mate. It was the kind of meet you see in the Pandora adverts. Yeh, this kindContinue reading “Do you believe in soul mates?”