What satiates you, appreciates you

The unique thing about time is that it is irreversible and irreplaceable. Once lost, you cannot replace it you cannot add to it. Like an ice-cube, time is constantly melting away. Our time is ephemeral. Here now, gone tomorrow. Which means that our lives are scarce, even if there are 7.8Bn of us. We must … Continue reading What satiates you, appreciates you

Perspective on confidence

In Audio, often we hate our voices.  Though, if we practice enough, we learn to control our voices and we learn to love how we sound. We also learn to love how we sound, once we learn to love the inspiration and content which comes from our mouths. We love ourselves a little bit more, … Continue reading Perspective on confidence

They laughed, they snubbed, they looked down on me…

All these years of focussing on others, paying attention to them, observing, admiring, complimenting, getting rejected, getting belittled. They snubbed me. They laughed behind my back. They thought I was lesser than. Although, I was shining my light on them. What happens next is nothing short of a deep need for vengence mixed with an … Continue reading They laughed, they snubbed, they looked down on me…

Past relationships a thing of the past?

Truth is, I couldn't have seen this coming, but I've grown.Out childhood is full of wonderful and dreadful situations. We make our knowledge ofthe world based upon what we're introduced to. And if we grow up seeing our parents a specific way, the simple way of seeing them will taint our outlook on the world … Continue reading Past relationships a thing of the past?