My take on brain food?

Food, is fuel.  Though, we also have brain food, such as inspiring information, knowledge and facts.  The more natural, unstressed, qualitative types of food we provide our bodies, the better the outcome.  We imbibe energy, which is converted into thoughts. Our thoughts combine and like a painting, transposed upon a canvas, our thoughts transcribe theContinue reading “My take on brain food?”

How do I stay consistent in changeability?

What is consistent is my soul, which I have developed my relationship with. My soul has become more and more distinguished for me as I have evolved through pain over the years. As if cracking the eggshells away from the white egginess of our souls, we discover an intangible yolk. The white, is more likeContinue reading “How do I stay consistent in changeability?”

All we can do is try

We hold convictions against those who’ve slighted us, only to see that our hurts have made us stronger. If in retaliation we’ve brought upon ourselves guilt and shame and the strength we’ve acquired has been from carrying the weight of our own hatred against a now invisible enemy who has long moved on. We cannotContinue reading “All we can do is try”