How to be ‘Worthy’ of receiving?

“The universe only gives us what we think we are worthy of receiving.” – Joe Dispenza

  • Everything you perceive starts in your vision, in your mind.
  • What you see in your mind as inevitable will come to pass.

So, how can I hack my way to believing I am worthy of what I want?

Understand what prevents us from receiving or acting/attracting→ We have a fear of obtaining negative outcomes due to “lack of experience” controlling our vision. Fear prevents us from getting what we want. Because we believe that if we envision something negative it will happen. Or more precisely, we prevent and stifle our actions because we are afraid of obtaining the fearful vision we have in our heads.

What is the solution to this?

  • Become crystal clear on the outcome you believe you deserve. Write it down on paper, create vision boards. But more so, practice the positive outcome you dream of and don’t give into the negative outcome. And if the negative vision so happens to come into your mind, go to a neutral perspective and stop ‘forcing yourself‘ to envision. Take a break, let the dust settle, calm your emotions (because your negative vision is coming from your emotions, trying to warn you of danger. Our brain wants to prevent change because it means it will have to venture into the unknown and that is scary for it.) and start again when your emotions are calm.
  • Clarify and then intensify your internal vision until it matches the decided outcome/blueprint that has been decided on paper. First of all, clarify: Figure out what it is that will make you feel worthy, seem worthy, and believe you are worthy. This can be learning, structuring your mind, and overcoming challenges that help you grow mentally such as a subject you struggle with, that will help expand your skillset. Become clear on what it is you want, how you can provide value, how you can excel by mastering said subject, and how you can contribute to your surrounding and extended society by adding the best value you can. Envision your skillset, the best circumstances you can imagine, and how you can scale that skillset to help as many as possible without diluting the quality of your participation. Then, you’ll want to intensify your ability to do so, by applying a form of leverage. Leverage can be anything from advertising, publishing a lot of videos, using money to do the work for you, employing others who are better than you in specific tasks so that they can in turn create value for you so that you can provide value for others. Intensify also means that you’ll need to create a heightened energy output that you can maintain for longer periods. For example, light exercise everyday doesn’t wear you out but produces energy you can then apply to what you are doing. Intensification of vision, is how become crystal clear about the outcome we’re striving for.

    Intensification happens when we have:
    1) More blood flow to the brain (so after light exercise or light stimulus).
    2) When we feel safe and at peace (we don’t have to worry about the future, no one is attacking us…).
    3) When we’re inspired and we have prepared (the process of ideation, for example, is when we prepare by ingesting content. We then arrive at a point of saturation from preparation, and we enter a space of ideation. This process, repeated as a routine, creates a habit of preparation for envisioning our outcomes for example.).
    4) We repeat the ingestion of the outcome, with only incremental tweaking, until we have practiced our ability to perceive that vision simply because we want to.
  • We become worthy of something when we are of equal worth. You are worth a 30 000 € car when you have 30 000€ to spend on that car. Your time is worth what you deem worthy of your attention, that won’t waste your time, that will give you a good return on your effort, and not mislead you: so something worthy of your time is something you deem of equal quality to something you like, something you want, something you hope for. When we talk about net-worth, it is a number you are equal to in relation to 0 or debt, but more so in relation to how much freedom you can buy or have brought. Worth is, in a sense of this quote, the value we think we need to become to receive what we want.

I’ve attached my deconstruction of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s quote.
“The Universe gives us what we think we are worthy of receiving.”

All the best,