It’s all about energy. Everything.

Lately, I’ve been studying energy cultivation, mindset, success, food, and so on. While I’ve been off WordPress for a while, I know that I’ve hit something, so I decided to share it with you.

Over the last 10 or so years, I’ve been purposefully dismantling my life with the intention of rebuilding it back better. And while I did get lost on the journey, I do know one thing. Success leaves clues. When I was 20, I considered myself to be successful, not necessarily monetarily, or materially.
But I was successful energetically, in fact I dominated my life. I knew what worked, I knew what didn’t work, and I recorded mostly what I did to get to that place and frame of mind.

You see, so many people focus on what others are doing, rather than focus on what turns them on.
People are mostly focussed on following. Though despite what others are doing, I tend to follow my intuition and this tends to create a sense of frustration for others, especially if they cannot control me.
And as soon as there is a show of frustration, I know I’ve won the battle. As he who’s quick to anger is also quick to lose their power. When it comes to power games, self-control is the biggest sense of power we can possess and for one good reason. Relationships are about power, if we have power over our temper, we have control over ourselves. Life is like a game of chess in this respect, he who loses his temper tends to give away his power.

Remembering the specific actions, routines, mindset and degree of emotionality, all of these factors accumulate. Now, I didn’t take a joy ride over the last 10 years and I also didn’t go back to my foundations to only experience pain. I did have a vision in mind, and I believe that I have achieved significant milestones in its achievement.

Not too long ago Mike Tyson decided to get back in the ring, he got himself back in shape and went at it again. It’s pretty much the same for me. Striving to reach our personal greatness takes having an intimate roadmap which journeys across how we feel, how we tick, what gets us high, what gets us low…
When we have already succeeded, especially emotionally, then we can feel our way in the dark and get back to that place within ourselves. We can get there with our eyes closed.

To be superhuman is that feeling of power that we cultivate and empower. It’s something we can recreate, something which brings us back to a specific frame of mind, in addition to a heavy degree of personal development. I’d say that intuition has a major role to play in this.

Our intuition is what gets us to the destination we’re seeking. And what we’re seeking is a specific state of being where we feel totally empowered. Like a minotor with its ball of string going through the maze to find its way back to the start, our intuition works day and night to get us back to that place within ourselves. Our intuition is our inner guiding force which follows emotions of confirmation, like a north star in the night, our emotions of confirmation.

The truth is, we’re not seeking anything other but this one state of being. We want to feel great, empowered, superhuman… And the only way to get there is to go through trial and error over and over until there are specific patterns which become inevitable. Our intuition, like a radar, picks up on all things which make sense to that specific state of greatness we want to reside in.

Then something happens in the dark of night, a profound sense of emotional clarity takes place. Our inner knowing starts to glow. Something becomes undeniable and we’re more and more clear about what it is. A profound sense of peace mixed with a degree of euphoria and a part of belief that it will all work out for the best, allows us to focus solely on the present. We can let the future take care of its self and
all our energy is fully focussed on the here and the now, on the quality of our present actions.

There is something specific we’re seeking to reach, something specific that we’re seeking to achieve somehow, and this is reached by empowering or enabling a part of us within us. There is a place within,
which screams out, like a lion conquering its prey, that we’ve made it “Home“. The place within ourselves we knew as children before all the pressures and conformism came along, before the imposition of belief systems. A place which resides between our personal polarities. For example, my personal polarities are
that of freedom, of power, of triumph, and pride. We all have specific polarities within us which dictate and create the tensions needed to create great focus, well-being, a feeling of being alive.

When we can clearly map out our specific zone of genius, we can exploit it not only for results, but for well-being, to create a feeling of power, of greatness, of success, of most anything. It’s how we tap into our inner most genius.

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