How I became richer than a Millionaire

I created contrast. I created pain. I underwent pain on a level so deep that I couldn’t escape it. I created a personal imprisonment, something so dreadful that anything that I would live in contrast would be sheer pleasure and enjoyment. I decided to go through something so drastic that I could not help but enjoy life in comparison.

In contrast my life became a paradise of my own making. I didn’t change anything. I didn’t buy anything. I didn’t invest in some glamorous personal development or spiritual course. I didn’t frequent some guru who would make me happy.

Where I hated living, I now enjoy living, love every aspect of my life the contrast of becoming so satisfied with my life has made me enjoy every aspect so much more. By creating a pain period in my life, something I could not escape from, it forced me to see the finer things in life, to gain perspective and to grow from a life I hated to a life I love. I love every aspect of my life.

I felt being was uncomfortable. You know the story of the ungrateful family and the rabbi? Well, that is what I did to my soul. I once heard that Eckart Tolle say that I he had a pain threshold and that he reached a limit before letting go of suffering which wasn’t necessary. “All suffering is caused by ignorance.” – Dalai Lama

So, when I heard this in high-school, I decided to go through pain. I decided to suffer consciously until I could no longer take it. I figured that if I went through enough I’d be able to let go of my inner suffering. The point is, it worked.

We cause pain for ourselves, unnecessarily, and we inflict this on ourselves and then others if we’re unconscious of it. Going through pain makes us conscious. It makes us lucid of what we feel, to an extent that we reach that rock bottom where we believe that we never want to ever feel that thing every again. It’s not necessarily the nicest experience to go through I’ll grant you that.

But I will say that on a 1 minute experience, taking a cold shower is pretty much the same thing for the body and the mind. Imposing humiliating circumstances, going through pain, forcing ourselves to confront our fears, confronting those fears head on, making the decision to jump in head first and figure it out later. All of these things have contrasted my life a thousand fold and have made me feel like the richest man on earth, despite not making any money at all since 2017.

But I have a purpose, I feel grateful, I feel happy (I do) on a constant basis, I see the finite details I couldn’t see before. Maybe I can’t buy a Bugatti, or take a girl to dinner because I’m money broke and can’t seem to figure out how to monetize my life (despite having created a website around selling art, and writing a book, and other ventures…). The point is, I enjoy my life, I love my process, I love my mind and I enjoy my mundane.

And despite not having the haves, I know by contrast that everything I have been through has brought me to the understand that I will have. That any pain I will face, as if I have somehow grown accustomed to the difficulty, I will be able to overcome easily, or at the vest least I will be able to withstand it (blind optimism). It’s all about what we perceive.

The point is, thanks to my experiences, I don’t need much and I am in perpetual bliss with my present. I’ve become inner rich, despite being “poor”. While some of the richest people in the world at inner poor.

And who knows, maybe I’ve achieved what the feeling everyone is seeking. I’m enjoying every moment of my present. If I was doing things for money, that would be taking away from my present. And if we cannot accept the present, we cannot use the gift within: the possibility of now.

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Success: There is no point of arrival…

P101 – The Creators guide to the Galaxy – Cherokee Goldberg

There is no point of arrival, there is only succession of events. These events are either failures or success’s. To be successful, we must achieve a succession of successes. To achieve one success is only a turning point in our life. One success doesn’t grant us VIP status, wealth or acknowledgement. One success is the foundation for many others to come.

There’s never a moment where we actually get there. It doesn’t matter what we do. I realised when I published my book that if what we do isn’t enjoyable, then the journey really isn’t worth it. If the journey doesn’t turn out for the best we’ll end up regretting it. Ultimately, our journey must allow us some form of recompense and enjoyment. If the sole reason we embark on an adventure is to find the treasure, we miss out on the entire trip.

While we advance towards what we expect to be our saviour, we also grow and evolve.
Each step changes our perception. By the time we arrive at the spot on the map, our expectation has moved on. It’s enjoyable for about 5 minutes to publish a book, to finish a race, to achieve, but then what?

If the point in the future is enjoyable from our perception of it here in the present, maybe what we’re looking at from our present moment isn’t the greener grass. What we’re looking at is hope, expectation. We put the future on a pedestal and reject our the notion of our present as acceptable.

So, when are we going to enjoy our now? What is preventing us from being here and fully existing?

I’m all for pleasure delaying, but if we continuously reject our present for a better future, we never really enjoy our present moment. The truth is, sometimes we need to enjoy our here and now. In fact, the more we can do that the more successful we’ll become. Accepting our here and now enables us to fully embrace doing.

There is no such thing as a success, if you knew you could do it. Success is getting to the place you never could, reaching the level you could only dream of, doing the things you thought weren’t possible. Success is stepping into the unknown and emerging victorious. Success is the intense path of transformation knowing full well that a hard path makes for a skilled warrior.

Success is being content with the results you have, and loving yourself enough to try again until you reach what you envision. It’s not reaching the results by discipline by whipping yourself into submission to just do things. It’s actually wanting to do it, because the path is exciting to you.

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