Anonymous & Global Identifications

  • Anonymity seems to be where we’re going. Similar to the pirate radio, anoymous internet seems to be the way forward towards a world of freedom. Why do we have to have identity checks to use social media and so on? As always, one guy fucks up and the whole group has to get out of the pool… And from my own experience, I’d rather not give my id to some big tech company to have them put me in a box and advertise or make decisions for me.
  • What are the solutions to this?
  • A solution I’m thinking about: Anon global ID’s:
    A third party validated PASS: where Identity is confirmed by organization but the person in front of you doesn’t get the information. This could protect individuals, but also allow officials to have confirmation that you’re a solid valid law abiding entity.

    An Identity validation passport where only the middleman knows, but doesn’t care about who does what, so long as there are no criminal activities.

    Governments can contact this organization to check validity, but Big tech, and other institutions don’t have access unless X person has committed criminal activity. So institutions can use this ID for users, but not have access to their personal data. Law institutions can work with this Anon ID’s in order to confirm X ID. This ensures that civilians are secure and their data and identity is kept private. But also keeps civilians accountable via the fact their identity is held by third party and can be divulged in the case of ill intentioned activities.

    I came up with this idea because I tried to create a test Instagram account and found that I couldn’t log in if I didn’t give a proper name, with a photo, and so on. The data checks are intrusive. Then, I decided to reactivate my linked in account and found that I had to wait for ‘activation’ by some third party and this triggered me. Also, big data has been stealing our data for years. So, for me this is something I think could set users free while ensuring that innocent people don’t get caught up in bad peoples muck.

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