‘How to overcome Addiction’ – Book launch!

The papercover version

I just completed writing my second book!

We’re all conscious of our subtle levels of addiction in one way or another. But what we tend to forget or are oblivious about is that our addictions are rooted in our identities.

Therefore, if we want to overcome addiction, we must reconfigure ourselves and become someone else. The good thing is that human beings are adaptable and highly flexible. The downside is that we must transform, we must become something completely different. Like the butterfly and the caterpillar. The main question really isn’t do you want to get over addiction, of course you want to get over addiction. The main question is are you willing to become something else? Are you willing to make the changes necessary to be something else? And are you willing to let go of the identity that links you to this way of thinking?

The Kindle version

Find out how to get over addiction with my new book Addiction! Out on amazon kindle and papercover!


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