Saturday Seven’s

Hello you!

Here you will find my findings from this past week, things I’m thinking about, and discovering. If you enjoy it, feel free to forward this along to friends (they might enjoy it too!).

What I’m currently reading:

  • Give and Take” – Adam Grant
  • Principles for navigating big debt crises” – Ray Dalio

What I’ve listened to:


  • “The 10X mentor” – Grant Cardone
  • The natural pickup artist’ – Craig Beck



  • James Bond – No time to die

What I’m excited about:

  • Shifting from introverted to extroverted and allowing myself to be charming again. Our eyes are our most attractive assets. Once you rediscover your innate optimal functioning capacity and integrate a blueprint that works, you feel good and your life becomes magnetic!
  • Orange essential oil. Have you ever had a Terry’s Chocolate orange? Or perhaps you like the tangy smell of orange? Orange essential oil added to a hot chocolate or when making cookies or a few drips on the chicken or duck when roasting changes our entire experience.

Quotes I’ve liked:

  • No reef wilts as fast as the one that’s rested on.
  • It is impossible to let go of something if you believe it is of benefit to you.” – Craig Beck
  • There is nothing more repulsive to a woman than desperation.” – Craig Beck
  • The function of man is to Live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.” – Jack London

This week’s curiosities, interests, and thoughts:


  • Problem solving: (While coding I found that…) Often, it’s not that we’re not capable of understanding or solving something, but more likely that we don’t have enough information to piece together the puzzle. Go read a book, watch a tutorial, read a forum or ask for help for example. Suddenly you’ll have the keys to understanding what seemed to hard. In school, we were often given limited knowledge, and we had to ‘figure it out’ with limited information. So, not surprisingly we felt stupid, because we couldn’t pull answers out of thin air. Seek knowledge about the problem you’re trying to resolve, and then try again.
  • Women don’t care about the size of your Neo-cortex, they care about how you make their Limbic brain react, and ultimately how you make them feel. Being ‘rational’ isn’t the way to a woman’s heart. They do care about how well you control your reptilian and limbic brain and in turn that you’re not controlled by it. So it’s in your best interest to be in full control of yourself, not be controlled by fear or fight or flight.
  • As men, we tend to put women on such high pedestals only to, when we rediscover the keys and see reality more clearly lose a degree of respect for them when we understand how simple they really are. This is when ‘nice guys’ become ‘confident dick heads’ when they figure out how women function. Though that’s not the whole picture, that’s a transitory state before becoming a silently confident man.
  • (Thought on porn & lust) Redefine your desire variable. Desires, like values in coding aren’t fixed immutable values, but variables that are very much changeable. When desire arises, seize the opportunity to define the meaning to something other than: FEELING>PORN.COM>LUST over bumpy-looking women with shiny assets… Redefine your path of action. For example, when you feel that sudden inflow of energy expanding within, making you feel “Frisky” rather than allowing your pattern to automate, interrupt your pattern and decide to do something else. Anchor another automation to execute when you get that feeling like:
    FEELING>Breathing through your nose > Feeling your abdomen > Accept feeling > Transmute energy…. After breathing through internal desire, make sure to understand that you will have initial elevated heart rate. This will only linger for a while as you’re redistributing your energy through a “less used path”, and throughout the body. As energy expands, it might initially be uncomfortable, but it’s precisely this discomfort that we want to adapt to if we are to become driven, healthy, powerful individuals, but above all, addiction free.
  • Do what works, even if it is boring, even if it’s simple. We become great by doing simple things over and over.
  • Don’t spend time in places, where the people don’t treat you well, or don’t make you feel at home. If you go to a café, and the owners don’t take care of you but gladly take your money (on a recurring basis), maybe change where you get your got beverages. The way people treat you and respect you affects the way you feel and the way you feel influences the quality of your life (social, emotional and material). Be very clear on how you want to be treated by others.
  • We are what we repeatedly do. And we have the possibility of changing what we do. Ultimately deep skills over superficial skills, compounded over a long time reaps great rewards. Choose one thing that will challenge you, and delve deep into it.
  • Plan your day, visualise your day, and get excited about your day, the night before.
    By doing so, you activate your RAS. The reticular activating system is a network of neurons located in the brain stem that project anteriorly to the hypothalamus to mediate behavior, as well as both posteriorly to the thalamus and directly to the cortex for activation of awake, desynchronized cortical EEG patterns. To have the day go the way you want, plan what you want to perceive, and then behave accordingly. Rinse & Repeat over and over by incrementally adjusting your daily aim until perfect.
  • You can’t hide boring. Go live an exciting life.


  • How many promises have you made? The number of promises you’ve made impacts the amount of actions and quality of action you can deliver to those promises. Keep track of your promises, and have integrity. Don’t overpromise, but overdeliver.

Concepts I’ve liked this week:

  • The Ulysses pact: A pact you make with your future self, knowing your future self will be weak.
  • The Love map: The concept of the love map, is the way you perceived your parents, and the way they protected you, took care of you and so on when you were a young child. This influences the archetypes of women you attract and are attracted to.

You can also give me your feedback on Twitter @check_goldberg. What did you like most about this weeks findings? What would you like more or less of in this newsletter? Any other suggestions? Please let me know. Just send a tweet to @check_goldberg and put #saturdaysevens at the end so I can find it.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Much love to you and yours,


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