Saturday Seven’s

Hello you!

Here you will find my findings from this past week, things I’m thinking about, and discovering. If you enjoy it, please feel free to forward this along to friends (they might enjoy it too!).

What I’m currently reading:

  • The art of strategic decision making” – Peter Hollins
  • Give and Take” – Adam Grant
  • The Bitcoin standard” – Saifedean Ammous

What I’ve listened to (and liked):


  • “ Follow the light” – Armel Dupas Trio, Jules Billé, Christoph Pio
  • “Fairy Fountain” – Super Guitar Bros
  • Fall” – Lisa Hannigan
  • Where you go” – Boztown

What I’m excited about:

  • Samsung Galaxy tab S7. Need I say that mixing writing/ note taking with an 11inch smart device is enjoyable. I love the aesthetic of the tab, and the battery life is good, but what I like most is the S pen. Being able to write and draw on one thin device which also holds a lot of my book collection (so I can read on the go) is ever so handy.
  • Mint Chocolate chip Ice cream. This week I’ve been enjoying some chocolate ice cream. I know it’s not considered “healthy” but I wanted some ice cream…

Quotes I’ve liked:

  • Too much uncertainty brings us fear, but not enough uncertainty will bring us lack of fulfillment.” – Peter Hollins
  • Everyone creates an identity of themselves based on their self-perception of how they’re special.” – Peter Hollins
  • It’s easier to like somebody who is somewhat similar to you, because you can better relate to them. It feels more natural.” – Peter Hollins
  • Deep down, we all want to feel that we make an impact and won’t pass from this earth without anyone caring.” – Peter Hollins

This week’s curiosities, interests, and thoughts:


  • The world we live in is full of stimuli. We can’t set foot out the front door and already we’re bombed with different types of stimulus. You can’t sit down without having to ingest sugar or caffeine. It’s not possible to walk into a shop without being exposed to some sort of hype. Tobacco, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, hype and FOMO… All unhealthy. Everything in society seems to revolve around some sort of stimulus, hype, boost, or purchase. To simply exist in town you need to consume.
  • To build a business around Romance, sexual desire, self-esteem, confidence, acceptance, relaxation, or mood improvement… These businesses will always have clients. Anything expensive will appeal to anyone who has mastered the 2 base foundations of Maslow’s pyramid. So anything from relationships to romantic relationships, to actualisation are good ways to make money. There will always be demand.
  • You’re going to miss out. No matter how much you try to keep up.You will miss out, you will miss the boat, and you will get left behind, … and that is okay. We will inevitably miss out on opportunities, buying bitcoin at 10cents, that amazing girl you saw on the high street, that job, that million-dollar venture… The thing is you are going to miss out on it, not because you’re unworthy, not because you don’t deserve it, but because you’ll most inevitably choose what is best for you with your flawed humanness. And because you’re not a robot, at some point you will need to take a break.
  • Our identity determines how we act, what we do, and who we associate with.If in my identity I am successful, run 20k per day, eat hyper healthy, have great relationships, am empathetic with others and so on, if in my identity I am a millionaire, I will also believe that I have to do X, Y and Z to achieve those things.
    To shape our mind towards becoming something shapes the way we live. If I have a high-energy identity, I have to have high energy and do anything to achieve that. To be the best, what does that take? High energy, high dedication, strong focus, strong input, and belief that one must be the best and nothing else. The creation of the identity we believe is the most important thing we can do as it shapes every other area of our life.
  • Why do we want to own a book? Because we want solid proof that we know what we know, we want solid proof that we know something, so that we can show others. This is why so many readers like to show off their libraries. Lack of confidence is uncomfortable, and we believe we need to own a physical proof in order to remind ourselves that we know something or that we are something. In the case of books, most probably it’s to feel or seem smart.
  • To Give love is to give understanding, intention, or a version of yourself away. To Give love is to give a part of yourself to someone or something. So Love is dependent on your ability to give freely without expecting in return.
  • Our well-being and the way we perceive life depends on our senses being fully empowered. To fully empower our senses, we must have a full tank of energy, a relaxed body, and good fuel intake. To go at our own rhythm allows us to enjoy life fully. To go at rhythms imposed by others, to engage in work routines that don’t suit your personal rhythm, to abide by what is imposed by someone else, a structure,… is to disregard our own rhythm, which in turn is to disrespect ourselves as our energy is applied to work and not being able to actually live life.
    If your pay grade or subject matter isn’t interesting to you, it isn’t worth spending all of your time on. And gradually, your life will become less and less vivid until it becomes monotone, and monotone is death.


  • What am I willing to give up to get what I want? > 1) What do I want? (Decision) > 2) What am I willing to give up / let go of to get that? (Enumerate all options).
  • One must play to one’s strengths in order to get ahead not abide by rules made by others. What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? How can I benefit from my current situation?

What I have done (this week):

  • This week I purchased a Samsung galaxy tab S7.
  • I purchased a tub of ice cream.
  • I started studying BootStrap, a quick way to structure web pages.
  • I realized that I only have a finite amount of energy and I must use it preciously.
    Decisions are my best friend. This is why I purchased → The art of strategic decision making by Peter Hollins. A great book, so far so good.

You can also give me your feedback on Twitter @check_goldberg. What did you like most about this weeks findings? What would you like more or less of in this newsletter? Any other suggestions? Please let me know. Just send a tweet to @check_goldberg and put #saturdaysevens at the end so I can find it.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Much love to you and yours,


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