Saturday Seven’s

A compilation of my findings, interests and actions from the past week that might be of interest to you. It allows me to forge an interesting routine and be accountable to you!

Hello you!

Here you will find my findings from this past week, things I’m thinking about, and discovering. If you enjoy it, please feel free to forward this along to friends (they might enjoy it too!).

What I’m currently reading:


HTML & CSS” – Jon Duckett

Next reading on the list:

Javascript & JQuery” – Jon Duckett

Php & MYSQL” – Jon Duckett

What I’ve listened to (and liked):


  • Heavy metal Love” – twocolors
  • Words (feat. Zara Larsson)” – Alesso, Zara Larsson
  • Roulette” – Tabi

Quotes I’ve liked:

  • Don’t Sacrifice an empire for a pot of gold.” – Unknown
  • You have to become a monster, if you want to destroy Hitler.” – Winston Churchill (in The Crown).
  • If you do each bit a little better, you end up with a hell of a lot better.” – Jon Wright, on product creation.
  • All morons hate it when you call them a moron.” – JD Salinger
  • Where there’s muck there’s brass” – Unknown

This week’s curiosities, interests and thoughts:

  • In order to progress in certain directions, surrounding yourself with people who are vastly better than you are, and having no other choice but to focus on the direction you’re going in. These two components are the cornerstones of a successful progression.
  • A healthy lifestyle is one that favours ‘feeling well’. If you feel well, you eat well. If you eat well, your health improves. If your health improves, you eat even better. And with said virtuous circle, one’s health, skills, abilities, and expansion is favoured.
  • Having a Tennis partner helps you to step up your game and creates pressure that is essential to good progression. If there is no stake, there is no effort, and without effort, there is no progress. Having a friend who aspires to be better than you in anything you do is a great gift and will help you to progress beyond your normal scope of efforts. Where alone we wouldn’t focus on our inadequacies, suddenly, you are witnessed and your inefficacies are clearly made conscious to you.
  • Playing is the best way to create energy, health, and well-being. Exercising alone is work. Exercising in games and play is enjoyment.
  • Studying in a public place that privileges your learning with silence, safety and circumstances to support you is a cheat code to learning and retaining faster. Having a place outside of our home where we can focus for long periods of time without interruption is golden.

What I have done(this week):

  • I started studying in a Co-working/co-student infrastructure.
  • I started walking 30 minutes to the co-working space, and 30 minutes back after focussing 6-8 hour periods of deep-work.
  • I decided to apply intermittent fasting from Supper until supper the next day. Which is a larger window for ketogenesis to occur, and prevents the pancreas from an overproduction of insulin. I’ve experienced better focus, better digestion, elevated energy, and improved well-being throughout my days of studying.
  • I stopped drinking coffee and drink solely earl grey or some herbal concoction. This has allowed my body to remain in a slower and less elevated overall state which is essential for better recovery and overall well-being. I’m also less nervous and generally happier.

You can also give me your feedback on Twitter @check_goldberg. What did you like most about this week’s findings? What would you like more or less of in this newsletter? Any other suggestions? Please let me know. Just send a tweet to @check_goldberg and put #saturdaysevens at the end so I can find it.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Much love to you and yours,


PS: Here’s my list of books to purchase, perhaps they might interest you too!
Cherokee’s Book List

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