Everything you’ve ever desired will one day lose it’s value…

Press before reading.

We desire things, circumstances, abilities, skills, more things, people, control over people, and so on. Even the monks in the mountains must work on this.

We hope and ponder and then desire some more. We cry because we can’t have what we want, only to realise the day we get it that what we had all along was the greatest gift that went unappreciated and is now lost for ever.

And then, somewhere along the line, we traverse our arduous journeys and arrive at the final peak we’d longed for all along, only to find that we no longer desire it.

In our moment of achievement, we pop a bottle of champagne, we blow a few balloons, we throw caution to the wind and scream the accumulated pain we’ve carried for too long. But what is now ours is ours and that’s that, it might even be taken for granted despite carrying the heaviest weight of all.

What else is there?‘ we ask, ‘How can things be better?’ and ‘Where the hell is the grass greener?’ . Like a hamster on its wheel, we then strive again. In vain we change, we become, we overcome, … and then we stop. The dust settles. We’ve once again changed our circumstances. They’re different, they may seem better, they may seem more refined, perhaps more beautiful or more pragmatic.

Our peers look up to us, at first they pat us on the head, they congratulate us for what they could never achieve, then look at us from a distance with subtle hints of disdain and jealousy. Then silence. Then it happens all again, except now no one’s patting us on the head, and we’re looking down from a high rise ledge. Our problems become more and more intangible. Where we once hoped for food, we now hope for a deafening silence. Where we once hoped for friends, we now hope for loyalty.

Life has become a battlefield, and most powerful among us evolve faster than the speed of light. We’re all in the battle pit, some of us have stones, some of us guns. Some of us have missiles and then there are the silent and powerful who look down on the pit. We all look up, hoping to one day take their place, hoping to have some form of control over our life.

We remind ourselves to breath. In and out, in and out, because that is what we really have control over. We close our eyes, and then wake up and the fog of war has lifted. A spring day rears its buds and petals, and a gentle breeze blows over us all. Except it doesn’t. It’s a game of smoke and mirrors, and we’re back to square one. We’ve been duped into the illusion that we have control or power, and somewhere along the path we met the competition: it was the entire world and we alone – just like everyone else- believed that we could take it on. And we did, we looked the world in the eye and with a steel resolve exclaimed ‘I CAN TOO!’

But could we? Perhaps, perhaps not. Life decided to put us back on our path. The universe ‘aligned us’ with our true purpose. We got knocked down, and stood on. Our lungs barely moving, our breath minute. In quite and patient time we awaited to cease a weakened thought. We shift and we stand. In our herculean effort we strive, and crack open a thought that no longer makes sense. The collar that had been placed around our neck snaps, the thought we had jailed ourselves with pops, and through the steam and smoke, a clear curtain draws back.

Life has once again changed, except this time the change was ours for the taking. With every fibre of our body and soul, with every once of our being we lifted our mind, and in turn changed our action. Causing a butterfly effect. A man moves his finger in the right direction and causes tidal waves on the other side of the world. We stand.

A fight we never thought we could fight, is now under our collective foot, and we have become the masters of our fate. But have we? Perhaps not. Seeking for betterment, we hope once again. Nothing is good enough, and then it is. In that high and mighty moment of grace, we stand upon the pillars of our mindly foundations, and find to our grandiose perceptions, that what we had hoped for was already ours, that the fight we led was in our hearts, and the love we so needed was already written in stone.

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