Energetic Mastery System

I’ve talked about addiction for a little while now. But I recently came up with an idea I think you might like. It’s a systemised way to continue compounding your energy and reduce as little your energetic output in exchange for instant gratification or even exposure to anything that could stimulate you towards that type of desire.

Back in the day, we all went to school, and I remember distinctly creating a pattern around my school life. Although I didn’t know at the time how valuable that pattern would be in my daily life. So, like all good 21st century writers, I implemented it in an excel spreadsheet.

My idea was this: Maximize energetic input through long-form daily activities, such as mindwork, foods, podcasts, reading, learning… This is the pattern that took me from the weakest soccer player to the best player on the team. All these activities serve to input energy. On the far shorter periods such as Physical output 1 and Physical output 2, we expend energy in a calculated way. This ensures that the energy we spend is solely through daily activities that are productive, constructive and good for us, rather than using up all the toilet rolls (as we saw during the covid pandemic) for “production batches“.

Structure helps reduce idle hand syndrome. When we were at school we didn’t have this problem. But now that we’re adults, we can either replicate this with work. The major problem comes when we have no accountability system in place, which covers the day.
In school and work you can’t just go to a pornsite and bust one out, which creates long periods where you need to channel your energy towards constructive tasks, which is good for your body and mind. The other component to this is that structure helps reduce the idle hand period to only a few hours, which demands significantly less will power to overcome than if you’re just sitting around with your goals and … your hands. Chances are the latter will win if you’re left alone with your fears or desires.

When we’re surrounded by other people, we don’t think about these things, we get involved, we’re focussed on the task and doing well. Our energy ascends from sex, to wanting to eat everything and then arrives at a higher chakra such as the heart, the throat, the mind and the crown. In other terms, we become active (the heart), we engage in expression type activities and interact with others (the throat), we engage in mind challenges and tasks (mind), and we engage in more spiritual ventures (the crown).

Planning in advance and having a routine outside of your private space is the best way to overcome your addictions. Why? When you’re alone, you’re not accountable to anyone, and when you’re under siege of some form of fear, some form of lust, or some form of stress, the first thing the sexual addict thinks about is: HOW DO I CHANGE MY STATE? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that pleasure is the band-aide to pains. We’re essentially driven by both. The need to get away from pain, and the need to go towards pleasure. How can we embrace pain and push away pleasure? By engaging in long term, pleasure delaying, and actively pursuing difficult tasks, or complicated or complex tasks that have a pay off in the future. Such as writing a book, coding an app, going back to university, engaging in something that is building a future for of value (whether it pays off or not is irrelevant, you’re doing it for yourself first).

Physical output 1 is a great way to start the day, with stretches, yoga, even some walking or really light cardio.
Physical output 2 I’d highly recommend some form of cardio that takes out the stress of the day, that allows us to physically deplete the feeling of energetic overwhelm that gets us to feel somewhat excited or scattered throughout the day.
Input is as I said above: long-form daily activities, such as mind work, foods, podcasts, reading, and learning… In other words, keeping yourself “productive” throughout the day can be summed up as channeling your energy, developing your patience, and growing your aptitudes and neural pathways via focus. This grows our energy reserve.

Energetic Pattern System

The physical output 2 (the RED block) is how we expand our energetic demand, and grow our energy (I.e. our endurance, stamina, energetic output). Which is different than growing our energetic reserves (circulating and storing our cultivated energy so it can be used when we need to focus, concentrate, learn new skills, and so on.).

Then the conversion periods, when our body restores itself with the help of the energetic reserves, and metabolises the concentrated input (energy) we’ve ingested through mind (ears, eyes, senses…) or mouth. Essentially, our input needs to be of the highest quality we can find. Great information leads to better decisions, better decisions lead to better outcomes (of thinking, of action, of health, of well-being… and so on). Great food (water-based, enzyme full, fresh, living foods that haven’t been processed) leads to better digestion, which in turn leads to better digestion, better metabolisation, and essentially better energy).

Now, I know, we can’t run every single day, the body does need to recover. So switch it up.
Here’s an example of my run routine for this month so far:

Essentially, I run, then I rest, then stretch and/or walk, then run again. Which creates a perfect loop. And having a disciplined day, where I have to do X, Y and Z, and where I reduce to the maximum my exposure to any sense of stimulation that can trigger the need for pleasure, is how I’ve turned my life around and bettered myself. And if I can do it, you can do it too!

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