Need energy? Create a plan!

Planning creates de degree of momentum in relation to what you’re striving for. We almost always reach a point of stagnation where we say “I don’t know what to do”, or “I don’t have the energy”.

We don’t have the energy or the clarity of direction because we’re scattered and therefor our energy isn’t focussed and allocated or attributed to the one specific thing we should in all likelihood be doing. Having a plan that leads us to an outcome we desire is how we get things done. Now, if we’re not in control of our actions, it’s highly likely that we’re already being led astray and the activities we “don’t want”, end up depleting our energy more than we’d hope.

We tend to thrive when we know and feel safe. The unknown paralyses us as its “unsafe”. Planning creates a form of knowledge about the future which gives us a sense of security. Our sense of security allows us to feel safe, and that allows our energy to expand.

Our energy withdraws and shrinks when we’re afraid; it goes to our legs, our hands or paralyses us in one of the fight or flight mechanisms. Fear scatters the energy and prevents it from being laser-like. Fear creates disharmony in the kidneys; simply put it weakens the QI in the kidneys.

Planning in advance, allows us to visualise a better future (which gets us excited or more confident), or a more productive course of action (knowing what to do). It allows us to feel secure about our immediate future and prevents us from paralysis due to faulty paradigms of thought.

Similar to routine which creates a sense of security as the repetition produces known circumstances. If we don’t know where the building blocks are, we can’t build with them.
Having a plan is painting a picture, creating a structure, making the steps known. Otherwise we’d be dealing with the invisible and not all humans don’t seem to thrive on intangible building blocks. Imagine having to build a lego house and then you find out that the blocks are invisible and you have to sort-of-kind-of-somehow-feel-your-way-around. Confusing ey?

Building a plan doesn’t mean we have to stick to it, it means we have guidelines, rules, a direction. Something to hold on to while we feel our way through the fog of life and out into the clear. If we have a compass, we most likely always know where the north is. Our plan is a snapshot of a direction we made at a point in time. We make these plans with the information and conviction we have at a point in time. This doesn’t mean we won’t know more, it doesn’t mean we can’t adapt the plan. It means that we crystalize a direction at a point in time, and like a Lilly pad it allows us to take a step (or multiple) forward in a direction. Planning allows us to create a form of momentum, however slow, and momentum gets us going where we want to go.

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