To set one’s self apart, like the tortoise and the hare.

I’ve always believed that we need to become so unique that we become irreplaceable and then we need to succeed. This was what my grand masterplan was based on years ago when I decided to break up with my girlfriend and try to become the most singular version of myself that no one could copy. Obviously, looking back, no one could copy who I was back then, because they couldn’t be who I was, though I couldn’t see that and decided to go the extra mile or 50 to set myself apart from anyone who’d want to copy me.

When you’re successful people copy you no matter what, its a fact of life. All smartphone providers today have copied the one phone that actually changed the game: the iPhone.
The same is true of people, when you go through a singular process to set yourself apart, you pick up quirks, and ways of thinking that distinguish your mindset from anyone else’s.
You may give talks and tips and tricks, but no one can be you, even if they emulate you, because the depth and singularity you develop through your journey defines you as an individual. And if you’re lucky enough, you get to suffer enough that no person on earth can emulate your unique traits: and then you stick out for the right reasons.

This isn’t solely a way to define yourself, its a way to distinguish yourself from everyone else in the game. And when you do succeed in any way, build a business, get some spotlight and so on, people will inevitably want to do like you do, because they see you as a lighthouse while they’re crossing their stormy seas.

When you create something, the idea is to build your product, your output around YOU,
and by doing so you define the product uniquely, so much so that any copies of what you do fail as bland fakes like those Louis Vuitton bags you see along the streets on the way to the beach in Barcelona.

Becoming the real deal and doing the defining work that no one else is prepared to do will reward you bucket loads down the line: see the challenge as an opportunity, as a gift, because it fortifies you and creates difference that sets you apart later on in the game.

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