Addiction and negative anchoring

When you have an addiction to something, it is mainly because you’re seeking a high from the activity you’re engaging in. You’re seeking a high in contrast to the low you feel, or the low that has been triggered within you. When you’re seeking to feel something, you’re doing so to make yourself feel better than you currently feel. You believe it will change your state.

The solution is simple. In the book Awaken the Giant within by Tony Robbins, a man comes to his seminar and claims to have an addiction to candy bars. Then, the members of the audience participating in the seminar each pull out a candy-bar. Tony tells the guy to eat one. He does, He enjoys the candy. Then Tony expresses to take another, then another. At this point, the guy is still fine. Tony then sais that for the rest of the seminar the man cannot eat anything but candy, morning noon and night. By the third day, the man is sick and feels queasy, unsurprisingly. Tony tells him to eat another, and then another. At this point the man feels so bad that he has emotionally anchored candy to a negative feeling.

I use this example because I don’t want to get into too much detail. Though, when you want to get away from addiction, the point is to anchor negative addiction to the way you are behaving and add negative comments to the activity while you’re practicing it. Every time you’ll add on a little layer of disgust, a confirmation that what you’re doing is in fact unhealthy, boring, nasty, annoying… [fill in the blank].

Negative anchoring is ever so useful when we cannot stop doing something and feel we’re trapped in a cycle of destruction. I first learned about anchoring in the book The Game by Neil Strauss, when a hypnotist by the name of R. Jeffries, Anchored a woman’s great emotions to a pot of salt and then gave her the pot to remember him by. I might be butchering it a little, but that’s globally the story.

Creating polarities and mastering emotional anchoring can change the direction of our life.
Imagine the axis of the earth suddenly shifted from North to East, and South to West. What countries would be the warmest and which would be the coldest? That’s right, the entire world would shift and we wouldn’t experience life the same way. It’s the same on a human level, our polarities are our negatives and positives and its up to us to shift them if we want to create revolutions in our lives.

If you associate pleasure to your addiction, then shift that addiction or action to pain. Suddenly, especially if its sexual addiction, all of your creative forces are thrust into action, towards a new area we define as pleasure. When we can imagine a new vision, a new set of actions that are healthy, a new way of being, and shift negative actions/ addictions to pain;
we take off like rockets.

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