Addiction (take 5): How to stop addiction & get infinite energy?

Have you ever tried Not saying something and then having that thing somehow pop out of your mouth in the middle of a sentence as soon as you weren’t thinking about it anymore?
How about addiction? That repetitive pattern that keeps drawing you back to that bad habit you can’t quite kick? What do you do? Do you simply try to hold back? Do something else? This is fine while we’re conscious, but sometimes we go onto autopilot and forget for a moment. We’re then drawn towards doing that thing again. What if there was another way?

While experimenting and striving to get over food addiction, then sexual addiction, I saw a recurring theme pop up. When I did something too much, I got disgusted with it. So, when time came for me to get over sexual addiction, I decided to engage in it fully. Here’s what happened.

Fully diving into the addiction to get over addiction.
At first, it was like a child getting to eat as much ice-cream as he wanted. But, then something happened. It started to get boring. And when I’d engage in anything sexually stimulating I’d comment in my mind “this is getting boring“. After a few times of doing this, the idea of “knocking my socks off” had become uninteresting. If you really think about it, it isn’t interesting at all, in fact its mind-numbing.

Going to the gym to get over addiction.
In addition to reminding myself that the activity itself amounted to nothing, I also decided to engage in other activities outside the house that got me fully engaged and demanded me to have a full tank of energy.

Going to the gym and building up your body is a great alternative for a few reasons. The first is that the amount of effort we put into our training sessions is also ruined to an extent if we go about “knocking our socks off” afterwards. The energy we expend for a five minute high, also results in an afternoon, a day, or a day and a half of lesser clarity (depending on our capacity to recover). Though it also results in our muscles not getting enough nutrients and our recovery being lesser than what it could be if we simply decided to save our energy towards recovery. A second point is that, without accumulation, we feel less energetic. I’d even go as far as say that we feel lethargic and unmotivated during our workouts. I personally enjoy being the best version of myself, and performing best. I always have. So, going to the gym after “fucking up” is a painful experience, not because I was able to withstand more pain, but because of how ineffective a workout was as a consequence.

Changing our diet to get over addiction.

I’ve been observing the reason why I’ve had addiction for a while and at some point it all became clear; diet. A diet which creates inflammation, is a diet that supports addiction.
Eating polysaturated carbohydrates, foods with a high glycemic index for example, results in a quick high as blood sugar is spiked but also as insulin resistance.

Eating low glycemic index type foods like salads, apples, berries, fish, eggs, nuts, and other such foods allows us to keep our insulin sensitivity normalized, or at least it allows us to normalise our insulin reaction. As our pancreatic responsivity gets desensitised by eating high glycemic diets, or diets with lots of sugars which can’t be processed by the body correctly and that leads to metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure and even inflammation). Not to mention that sugar produces dopamine spikes which can be addictive.

If our diet provokes inflammation, it will provoke addiction, it will also enable bodily addictions as everything is connected. Think about it. If the foods we decide to eat create a dependency type reaction in our mind, then we’ll end up physically addicted by repressing the addiction we get from food. In other words, we simply transfer our addiction from food to anything else by repressing the food addiction that creates inflammation and dis-ease, to some external phyiscal manifestation: discomfort. In reaction to our discomfort we then seek some high through sex, drugs and rock & roll…

When it comes to energy, how do we get infinite energy?
Infinite energy comes essentially from the accumulation of energy production over the course of a long period. Creating a high demand on the body, so that you create a bodily habit that produces a lot of energy to counter-balance the demand.

The only problem? In our society we’re often introduced to drugs such as coffee and sugar.
Don’t even bother going into anything more powerful, these two will do sufficiently.

Coffee and sugar are the biggest enemies we can face. They prevent the body from producing its own energy and essentially make it dependent. Just like getting a high from a rave drug over and over, it diminishes the sensitivity of our receptors and makes us less responsive.

Coffee will give you a nervous high, which will stress your nervous system, like an arc, or the strings on a guitar. Habitually, our strings aren’t tense, which allows us to perceive life naturally and get highs from sports, music, and other such things that catch our normally atuned nervous system. Except, when we drink it, our nervous system becomes highly strung. We repeat this over we and over, until we weaken our nervous cords or our nervous system gets desensitised. Essentially pushing us to seek another cup of coffee to get “into state”.

Sugar, on the other hand, will give us a high. As it demands of the pancreas to produce insulin. We get a surge of energy from the sugar as it enters our bloodstream, and then our energy crashes, essentially making us seek more to boost our energy. We reach out for energy drinks, sugary snacks, and the list is infinite. The problem is that we associate food intake as a source of energy, this is a good thing when we seek out foods our body transforms into energy (in a healthy way), but when we intake sugar, it’s like a virus. It immerses its self into us like a parasite and then demands more and more until we feel uneasy. Our pancreas essentially produces glucagon and insulin and overcompensates to the point of taxing our health and well-being. Soon enough, we feel low if we don’t get that sugar high. We then seek a form of stimulant to revamp our energy, because our energy seems too low to function (in contrast to our highs). Before long, we’re adding on weight, getting saw eyes, and feel we have no control over our life. Which also hightens our addiction or dependency risk as it can cause inflammation.

What we really want is to feel in control. We want high energy so that we can be highly strung and experience great situations for longer without saturation. We can do this by converting our energetic demand from high glycemic to low glycemic and cut out stimulants so that our body naturally produces the highs we need.

What is not said often though, is that when we cut out the sugar, we go through energetic lows, fogginess, lack of clarity. We go through this as a result of our body being “low strung” as nothing is tensing its guitar strings. We must go through a passage of adaptation where our body develops the habit of consuming low glycemic, fat, and lack of stimulants. If we can cross the bridge from dependency to conscious eating we get to control our food intake, the outcome of our energy, how we feel, the quality of thoughts, where we place our attention, and the outcomes of our lives.

Now the good part I’ve been keeping to myself for so long!
To create great energy we need a few things. 1) To be in control of our diet and comprehend how our energy works. 2) Get rid of all inflammation. 3) Drink well. 4) When exercising we must always put our fullest potential on the table. Put it all out there. 5) Control your sex life.
Don’t wank yourself to an empty tank. 6) Invest high quality food, you’ll get better quality nutrients for your body. 7) Invest in high quality content for your mind. Access to Joe Bloggs from around the pub won’t get you to think better and he might just destroy your motivation. (When something is difficult or impossible for someone, they tend to want to limit you so they don’t feel bad). 8) Don’t spend time in sexual orgasms, use that orgasm to fuel your highs in workouts or activities. (I often get high from listening to music while writing). 9) REST. DO NOT DENY YOURSELF THE POWER OF REST. When we rest our bodies, we refuel them up. When we consistently go to the gym and don’t allow our bodies the time to refuel, we actually weaken ourselves. In fact, no rest is the key to burnout. Workout strategically. During a workout push yourself to your absolute limit, but don’t push yourself over the cliff. This allows for us to accumulate and compound energy.
10) Compound and accumulate your energy. When you accumulate your energy with effort over time, your energy doesn’t get wasted. Like Shilajit (the mountain goo from Tibet) which is a nutrient dense biomass, compressed over thousands of years. We want to do the same with our own energy and essence, we need to compress. Think like the French, who let their cheeses mature over long periods. Any other culture tends to eat their cheeses without the maturation. Though the mould contains essential bacteria which is good for our gut. 11) Enjoy yourself. Find joy in what you do. If its all work and being serious, you’re not likely to be driven for long. The key to longevity is to enjoy the process with discipline. No relationship works if its not enjoyable, no diet works if we don’t see any benefits, no workout keeps us engaged if we don’t have a use for it. Have a purpose, but enjoy the journey.

Choosing low glycemic index foods which have no dopamine effect on us, and foods with monosaturated fats we can digest easily and transform into energy, as well as combining our diet with the right techniques such as learning to anchor our repetitive actions/habits with bad emotions and deciding on a clear path of action outside our homes is key to producing good routines and energy.

Try taking a 1 to 3 month subscription to your local gym, as well as a 1 to 3 month sub to your nearest co-working space; you’ll find that having an external office and engaging money for a gym membership will very quickly get you into a healthier routine. And to top it off, buy healthy low glycemic foods. Try a Keto diet, experiment with converting your body from sugar burning to fat burning and you’ll find that your life will take a turn for the better in no time!


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