Sex and health (for men): Take 2, Hillbilly wisdom

“He’s spineless.”, “He lacks balls.”, “He’s soft.”, “He’s a mama’s boy. All of these point to one thing. “He’s a slacker!.

Let’s face it, these terms have been around for a long time. We kind of take them for granted, because they originate from hillbillies and rednecks. Let’s take a pause for a second. These people aren’t stupid, even if they’ve been associated to “simple folk”.

Why would Ol’ Jack O’neil call lil Billy a soft mama’s boy?

From the vantage point of someone who’s been dealing with a degree of addiction, I believe I can clearly state that lil Billy isn’t alert, he’s pretty docile and lacks courage. This isn’t any surprise to anyone. We know lil Billy’s weak. What we don’t know is why Billy doesn’t do anything about it? How he got to be so weak? And why his uncle O’neil keeps on calling him a slacker.

Habitually, we’d associate O’neil as being tough on the boy. But what we don’t see as kids watching westerns, is that the boy needs to toughen up. His uncle probably caught him a few too many times with the girly magazines. And now expresses to lil Billy that he’s a pansy.

Anyone who’s read As a man thinketh, know’s that what we constantly think is what we become. But what isn’t expressed in popular culture is that what we read becomes what we think about. What we put in our mind is what defines our routines and our routines define our well-being and overall health.

Now, I’m not judging Billy for his choice of literature, but I am questioning the fact that we never see lil Billy outgrow his frail disposition. Ol’ O’Neil doesn’t send the boy out into the desert (like the 300 Spartans), to fend for himself and grow to embrace his “energy”. But we can.

We can change our choice of “literature”, our choice of frequentations, where we place our attention, our habits and ultimately our life. But it must be a conscious decision. You see, the people around us define how we feel, because those we see ourselves through are the prism through which we get to perceive ourselves. If they see us with negative eye’s we’ll develop negative feelings. If they hold us in high regard, we’ll start to bloom.

To go even further, the food we eat is influenced by how we feel, think and the goals we strive for. If the people around us don’t have our highest good at heart, what happens to our diet? And what effect does a bad diet have on our health? Overtime, it pushes us over the edge. We engage in quick pleasures, sugar highs and develop inflammation. As we engage in this downward spiral in an effort to feel good at any cost, we also start to damage our bodies capacity to regenerate, recover and ultimately we end up feeling like shit.

What happens when we feel like shit? We strive to make ourselves feel better!
And what happens next? We eat to get a sugar high or we try to numb the pain.

Our health determines the people we engage with, just as the people we engage with defines the outcome of our health. One feeds the other and vice versa. As within, as without. As above, as below.

“He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass. Environment is but his looking-glass.”
– James Allen

I’m not saying that it’s impossible to take charge of our immediate environment, but if we’re surrounded by toxic people who bring up the worst in us, ultimately we will end up with ill health.

The problem with sexual addiction, is that it affects not only our energy, our spine, our knee’s, our eye’s, our well-being, our confidence, our hair, our lungs, our kidneys and other such things… These things also affect the rest of life. A weakened body affects our capacity to work, to think, to exercise, to feel good, to be productive, and ultimately to meet the right people. This is why it is essential that sexual addiction must be addressed.

Though, where there is a will, there is a way. It won’t be easy, we will fail to overcome difficulties, but we will in time prevail. There are solutions, if we can take control of our mind. If you can do that, you’re already miles ahead!

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