We’re all millionaires, about time we acted like it.

“Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing.” – Miles Davis. 

Every second you sit there is just going to waste. Literally, you’ll never get it back. Your time here on earth is limited. As much as you take your life for granted, which is ok too, there dreams you need to accomplish in this life time. You are here to experience life fully.

Imagine everything that you have ever wanted. Imagine the best times in your life and the way you felt. That time when you were a child, when you were exited to know what was under the tree. Imagine that time when you were going to meet your first girlfriend for the very first time, or that you meet your soulmate for that very first time while everything is in synchronicity just as you turn around and see them your life changes for ever.

Imagine if nothing happened for you because you weren’t making the most of your life. Instead, life has no meaning and you are caught in an eternal hamster wheel just running and running, just exchanging your time and focus, and effort against a tiny percentage of what your value actually is. Imagine for a second, that all could change.

Maybe see it differently. Our time is constantly fleeting. While we sleep 1/3 of our life away, we are left with 2/3 of our life to do what we “want” to do, if we have 2/3 of our time for ourselves that is! Then according to the fact you have a job, you’ll probably work 8 hours per day, which brings your life down to 1/3 of free time which you spend getting ready for work or relaxing/resting from work, and if you’re ambitious enough you might get a couple of hours for yourself after subtracting driving to and back from work, getting groceries, taking care of kids etc. 

That leaves you with very little time for yourself doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great if you could use time differently though? If you could take a step back from life and create a life for yourself from scratch would you? Or would you feel overwhelmed?

There were no rules, no obligations, or any limitations to what you could do and money isn’t the problem, what would you do? (hint: when you can rid yourself of your own mental limitations it gets interesting.)

When we say we are “taking our time”, a smart thing to do while taking that time, is to reallocate it for ourselves. By reallocating time and putting the extra 2/3 on our side, we open up new doors to possibilities which didn’t seem possible before. We’re taking control of our time!

In doing so, we get to see the picture clearly. Now, lets restructure time…

If we can be counted on by ourselves to make decisions for ourselves, placing time in our hands is a little like giving us the holy grail. We access a whole new given power and we feel great! Or a little overwhelmed without knowing what we want to do… Creating structure is an important one to focus on when one has time. 

Observing what works for us and what doesn’t, making clarifications about how we function optimally becomes a necessity. 

There are certain structures which work well. Simple structures like calendars, and “emploi du temps” which we would normally use for work. Instead, because work becomes something we want to do, we seamlessly weave it into our daily routines as opposed to have routines around a black block of low grade pay submission to make money for someone else. No, I’m not a fan of working for people who are “above” me. As I suppose most entrepreneurs.

Let’s break a year down into work.
Let’s say you have 24hrs in a day.
You’ll spend 8 Sleeping if you’re lucky. 

You’ll spend 8 Working (+1or 2 commuting) 45hrs/week

for an employer in order to pay your bills, eat, clothe yourself, and perhaps pay for your passions. 

You’ll have 8 hours to yourself.
(from which you subtract getting to work 1-2hrs- lets go with 1) 

You spend about approx’ 1hr per  day getting ready for work. 

1hour of sport per day ( I liked to run for around an hour)

You generally spend about 1 hour to 2 hours resurfacing from
your busy work day. Lets say you’re healthy and well – 1 hour. 


You spend about 2Hrs to 3hrs prepping and eating food (if you are doing it in a healthy way) – lets say 2 if you’re hyper well organised.
You are interested in Developing your mind because you enjoy mind-work.
Reading: 1hr 

HouseCleaning/Taking out the bins/ Washing clothes/ Hanging them out/ Ironing your clothes… You’re done No more time for you. You’ve reached the limit…

How much time do you have left in your life?
How long does it take to become a master at something?
How long do we sleep?
How much time do we need for basic needs per day?
How can we optimise our days for the best amount of time?
How can we take our time and use it correctly?

How much time do we have Left? 

24h in a day 

720 in a month

8640 in a year. 

I’m 29 years old at the time of writing this book.
Let’s say I live until 90 Years old and I die on my birthday in 2080. 

This leaves me with 61 years to live approximately. 

I then have 527040 hours of time to live. 

Now, let’s subtract the 8 hours of sleep I have per day.

I only have 16 hours out of the 24, if I want to resource myself and keep a healthy body, sleep is necessary. At least by my standards at this age. Taking into account other factors can be accounted for, ageing symptoms will vary this time. This is about creating a reference for the amount of time I have left to live and experience the world. If I’m lucky, maybe I will have an impact on some people.

If we retract the 8 hours of sleep per night during those 61 years, we’ll end up with

something like this: 

16/24 hours in a day. 

480/720 per month. 

5760/8640 per year. 

5760 multiplied by 61 becomes 351360 hours of life to live. Minus the time I’ll need to eat, shower, etc. Minimising the time I spend at the shops looking for food, or the time I spend at work changes my life intrinsically. My life becomes pragmatic and everything is about optimising the time I have so I can make the best out of the time I have here on earth. Why would I want to spend half an hour to 3 hours waiting for someone who doesn’t show up because they have some form of disrespect for authority in their lives? Why would I want to waste time talking to people who only have negative perspectives and who without a doubt Know better than me? Why would I want to spend any time at all on anything which doesn’t actually serve me life, stagnating, non productive? It’s beyond me.

Knowing I have 350 thousand hours of time left; what do I wish to accomplish with my time? How can I optimise and best use my 175680 hours of sleep? 

How can I best use my 350 000 hours of time?
The time is mine to spend however I wish to spend it. 

Do I wish to leave behind a legacy?
Do I wish to create beauty and harmony to leave behind to the world? 

Do I wish to participate in someone else’s legacy?
Do I wish to simply spend this time working for money? 

Or do I wish to create something which betters the existence of everyone around me and all those to come? 

Or do I simply wish to spend my time getting praise, to then vanish one day and have people tell stories and tails about me? 

Think about it through another perspective:

(Redo the math: )Think of it this way, I’m 29, and if I work until I’m 90 I can expect to make
1 750 000, if I work every day until I die. which means that if I work every single day until I’m 60 I can expect to have 875 000 thousand euros. Thats all.

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