SEX & Health (for men)

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When it comes to sex, I believe we have a rhythm. No one talks about this, so I’ve had to figure it out on my own. So, here is an accumulation of the things I’ve observed.

When our “tank” is full, we feel confident, our senses are sharp, our eyesight is clear, our reactions are under control. Our well-being depends on our tank being full. Having an empty tank for a while, makes us feel uncomfortable, anxious, and even fearful that we won’t have enough. This can extend to our material circumstances such as money, food and activities at large.

When our tank is full, we can expand physically and our physical performance gets better.
If we exercise on an empty tank, everything falls short, we feel a little clumsy, even a tad uncomfortable. Hazy.

Having a full tank helps us to support our body, our mind, and most anything. Our energy depends on this. If we keep circulating the energy within us, by exercising, with slow stretches, brisk walks and so on, we nourish our body and mind. Like investing, we reinvest constantly.

On an empty tank, we feel somehow relaxed, empty or even docile. Then irritable and sensitive to things we wouldn’t normally mind. This docility is okay when we’ve made love to the woman we love, she gets to see our vulnerable relaxed side. But that’s about it. It alleviates a certain pressure, and that sexual pressure is what allows us to be laser-focused. The pressure is what allows us to be consistent, it’s what allows us to create discipline.

As soon as the pressure is released, it doesn’t matter what is in front of us, we’ll be docile and relaxed about it. We’ll be contemplative, unproductive. This is where the pejorative term slacker comes from. Someone who spends a lot of time doing what slackers do… Not only that, it weakens our bodies over time, it weakens our confidence, it weakens our creative output and makes us skittish and unreliable. We become hazy and unclear about what we want. Thus promoting a vicious unproductive cycle.

Having a clear vision, something we enjoy, something we need our energy for, allows us to apply our energy towards it. Having no vision is the problem. If we have nothing to aspire to, then we have no place to use our creative energy. Having no aspiration is what prevents us from applying ourselves, and a lot of the time we get discouraged before even starting because we compare our circumstances to that of other people. This creates a sense of paralysis. In comparison, we value how much other people have, and devalue what we have. If we devalue what we have, we can’t appreciate it. If we’re ungrateful, we can’t grow our circumstances, we can only make them worse.

When a woman is attracted to our brain, it’s because we have Allocated a lot of our sexual energy and we have focussed on developing our mind. In other words, we’re healthy because our energy is constantly applied to productive outcomes and not consistently “ejected” from the body (thus depleting the body). 

Don’t exercise after ejaculating. Wait until your body has properly refuelled. Don’t go for a run if your tank isn’t full. You’ll damage your knees. Drink plenty of water, and eat plenty of fruit. Exercise at your own rhythm. Don’t lift heavy weights after you’ve depleted your reserve. You’ll damage your spine. Don’t exert yourself unless your tank is full and you feel the pressure, only then will you reap the full benefits of your energy. 

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