Imagine one day you wake up and discover that God and the Devil are the same.

And understand that no matter what your decision is, it will always lead you to where God wants to take you.

Imagine one day, you wake up and comprehend that no matter who you seek to serve, the Devil, the angels or God, it’s all part of one and the same. You’re serving yourself so you can serve others and vice versa.

Imagine you figure out that there is no escape and everything you do leads you, fatalistically, precisely to where you need to be, to who you need to encounter.

Just for a second, imagine that even if you think you are in control, you’re not. Even if you think you know, you don’t.

Imagine for a moment, that all of this is but a simulation. Not some trap like in the matrix. But beyond our conscious ability to percieve. Once we let go of the doing. The here and now are part of what we see. And we see what we are.

Imagine there is no one else, but mirrors of yourself, distortions, variations, subtractions, additions of who you are. All working in harmony.

The world changes when we change our mind, so what makes you think the world has any power?

It seems to me that the world at large is but a projection, and we the projector being mirrored back to what and how we project.

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