One day you will be free…

One day you will be free. And everything you’ve ever done, everything you’ve ever been,
and everything you’ve ever aspired to will make sense.

Your pains will have faded, your humiliations no longer embarrass you, and the things you once thought constituted the end of the world was only the end of a perception which no longer matters. The money you hoped for, you will have. The love you’ve worked to have will be yours, and you will float along your gentle stream enjoying everything you’ve worked for.

When we start out, we’re drowned in emotion, fears, awe and anticipation of how heavy the weight of it all will be. But then, we step our first step. – It isn’t so bad, is it?- We step another, then another.

And soon, before we know it we’re half way. We look back in awe that we, the individual who had no sense of confidence before the steps, have come so far despite our circumstances. Despite having to figure it out on our own.

Everything we were afraid of did come to manifest, but we’re still here. All the fears which once paralysed us are now gone, like smoke into thin air. We’ve been through the tunnel of process, like doe in the oven and we’ve come out fully formed, erect. Who would have thought we would have become the next best thing since sliced bread?

We’re no better than another yet we’re better than we were. The stone that was once rough is now smooth. The edges have been worked on. Like an oignon, we’ve peeled away the harsh skins and we are
anew once again.

They say that freedom is in the mind. Yet we seek it through material and action for some reason. It seems to me that freedom is a state we’re in, a feeling we strive to go after. We believe it’s a feeling we get from the fruits of achievement. Though, achievements are adventures in themselves. At the top of each mountain no one waits for us, no one celebrates us; we are the ones waiting to celebrate ourselves at the top of the mountain. Preventing ourselves from celebrating ourselves now. So we climb another and another, until we see we are worthy… of celebration.

We are yet to start again. There is nothing to do, nowhere to go and no one to be. Once again we stand at the starting line of an adventure, and the end of another. Right here, at this point, everything is perfect just the way it is. That, I must say is freedom. Until we doubt again, once more…

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