“Adventures are dangerous, stop now!”

In today’s world, we live in a culture where every single person you see is seemingly hyped up and
ready to unload some form of verbal diatribe in your face. You know in advance they have something to sell to you, you know in advance that you’re going to mute the video once they’ve given the free information, and you know instantaneously that they’re going to preach at you and somehow hook you onto their trivial sales pitch.

This is a major problem, not right now, but over a period of time, is that it creates a desensitisation about the importance of information we are portraying.

People are lead to believe that if they simply talk in confident, strong and loud ways what they’re saying will catch an audiences attention and they will be able to make millions. And it works.

Coaches and loud American public speakers have given a blueprint for the “Successful” public speaking path to become powerful and rich. So everyone applies it, regardless of if the message they’re trying to portray makes any sense, has any value to others. They’ve learn’t that they need to Create value for others and that the value is what makes people pay. But you can already see the intention behind the curtain: Money. Not peoples well-being, not truth, not a difficult story.
No, their intention is money and it’s very clear, we sense it.

Humanity seems to be pushing the boundaries just a little further every day, just a little bit further.
Seeing where the limits are, seeing how far we can go and what we accept as a society.

It’s exactly how I chose the title too, to captivate your attention. I apologise, I don’t enjoy being manipulative. But I guess I can justify the means as I’m trying to get peoples attention wrapped around the idea of “The boy who cried wolf” and this is exactly what we are facing as a society.

Creating hype for meaningless information, just to get as many followers/money/sales has a negative long term effect upon human-beings. It’s been done for a long time, but on a small scale.
Which is why it wasn’t too much of a problem. We know not to go back to a shop where a snake selling salesman talks you into stuff and end up carrying you along with his enthusiasm for your money.

But now that we’re scaling information all over the world multiple times per hour,
people are becoming more and more manipulative in their ways to capture your attention, retain it
and ultimately sell you something. Which is a dangerous place to be. The amount of scammers using actual companies to trick people into handing over their bank details.
The amount of adverts now scattered all over places which didn’t used to have them.
The amount of AD solution we witness on a daily basis is a total overkill. Not to mention the
waste of time you experience if you dare to clic on one…

Most of all, the the fact we’re all becoming desensitised to what anyone is saying is becoming a real problem. People don’t hear us when we say something, when it’s said it’s not enough, it’s compared. The standard for human beings, being… perfect has risen a lot higher than human level and everyone is forced to overdo, overwork… We cannot live up to hyper function 100% all the time. Like a lightbulb if it functions above its regular capacity for too long, it burns out.

Now, I’m not for underproducing, or against upping our standards or our capacities as human beings, but without a doubt, we must learn our own baseline. For the last 10 Years, I’ve strived
to change that baseline, and I know without a doubt that more work, harder work, faster work,
only works to an extent. Our baseline is what is natural for us. And as much as I’ve tested getting out of my comfort zone, and believe me I have.

My highest state was when I peaked, and my expansion can only go as far as what I am capable at full force and effort.

When I peaked, I was pushing myself as much as I could. I was running every single day or every 2/3 days, by interval. I was eating well, feeling well, doing well.. I had all the keys working in the doors I had opened to pursue. My hormones were well regulated. Etc.

Yet, at my strongest point, I still had limitations. As much as I desired to push myself further and faster and stronger, there came a time where the car can only go at its fastest speed even if the pedal is glued to the floor…

And over the last 10 years, I somehow always retreat back to my standard baseline. It’s just where I function best. Where I write best, where my mind functions best, where my performance is highest, where I create best. It’s all along that baseline.

Under is a picture of Ray Dalio’s Hero’s Journey depicted in his book.

As much as we expand in the Abyss, we discover new perspectives, and aspects about ourselves,
the Abyss (at the bottom of the picture) is how far we go, in that abyss we encounter the metamorphosis and then we return to the boon which is essentially our baseline.

In terms of standards, its highly important to point out that, as a society, a culture, our standards
evolve to the point of how far outside our comfort zone we’re willing to go.

In terms of discomfort I can endure a lot, in fact I’ve pushed myself so far I didn’t know I could come back. But I did. What isn’t taken into account is this: our mind can push us further, our soul can drive us, but our bodies can’t eternally keep up with the lack of limitations we have in our mind. And this is coming from someone who grew up without limitations and boundaries,
as a kid I was essentially free to do anything I wanted. Then growing up, I had to impose my own boundaries after testing my natural limitations.

Though, to undo those natural limitations, doesn’t always help. For example, as a long distance runner, I could run for hours, I could push myself fast and far. But if my knee gives in and I get hyper sharp pain in my knee, even with tones of exercises to reinforce it beforehand. That is a clear indication I must STOP. There are good pains in life, and there are bad pains.

I sort of get the idea that people just think there are just good pains. Rony Coleman, pushed his limits, but ended up without a back, blew his knee’s out etc. He had no limits, and pushed and pushed, but his natural limitations were not taken into account.

We’re not robots, and I feel like an entire generation of Crossfit warriors who are pumped up to the brim ready to break down walls as if they were army officials or navy seals in war combat, just don’t get the point here. Sure, we can push ourselves further, but at some point in your future.
the identity you rely on so heavily upon right now because you’re “succeeding” and making shiny posts for the whole world to see, won’t be sustainable long term.

Finding the most harmonious way to expand is probably a sure bet. But this idea of angry expansion, that everyone is going to war, that we all need to push further and harder and stronger and have a complete disregard for our natural limitations seems… foolish.

And this coming from someone who is ambitious, driven and highly motivated to do the work.

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