How to become bulletproof in a world designed to fragilize you

If people can trigger you, they can control you. Which puts a very large emphasis on undoing our triggers so we can be fully in control of ourselves. If you can’t be triggered, you have power.

In today’s world, we live in a seemingly snow flaky world where many are triggered by everything and anything. Most people don’t have social media immunity, as the very algorithms on which its based rely on the primal parts of our brains we have very little influence on.

People can’t hold their own, and many have attention deficit. Even adults who used to have strong attention have lost their long term focus capacity. It’s as if we’re living through an era of mental and emotional fragility, and these fragilities are being exposed and exploited. Rather than physical war, we’re waging a war with exponential tech, a war for attention.

At the end of high-school, back in 2012, I had somehow come to understand that if I didn’t go through as many triggering, scary, scheme confronting, phases to push my evolution beyond what I was, I’d find myself weak in the face of the any upcoming adversity.

Of course, I had no idea of what was about to ensue in the world in front of us.
I had no idea, was entirely clueless, of how our personal data would be used against us,
that our curiosity would be transformed into attention which is then sold for Billions of Dollars.
I had no idea that we’d become slaves to the agenda of Big Tech.

But I have discovered a weapon. A powerful weapon which enables us to live freely.
One that anyone can build for themselves. A powerful recipe that already resides within us and only needs to be enabled by our becoming conscious of it.

It all started when I was 20. I’d just put an end to the relationship I was in. I wanted to suffer. Not because I’m some S&M addict, but because I’d understood that in suffering I’d understand and fortify my fragilities and sensitivities as they’d be exposed to all sorts of tests. I’d expose my weakness’s, and in doing so I’d be able to fortify them.

And so, over the course of a 10 year trial and error, I understood this:

1 – We are in control.
We must control our bodies and minds. Our bodies are not in control of us. We have the capacity to make conscious decisions, even against what the heart says. The way we feel is no more no less than having our thoughts and actions and outcomes aligned with our values and beliefs. If our beliefs say we don’t like cats, our emotional response to a cat jumping on us won’t be as nice as if we possess positive beliefs about our furry friends.

The same goes for most circumstances, relationships, outcomes, actions. If our internal blueprint doesn’t match the outcome of our actions, we won’t be highly satisfied. In fact going against our internal blueprint will prove stressful to our nervous system. As our control tower (brain) is programmed to do something specific, us consciously going against the program can prove… tiring.

Once we know this, we also know that we can change our blueprint and plan. And in doing so, we can decide consciously upon what it is we want to achieve.
-Can you lift your little finger? Can you wiggle your toe? If you can do those tiny movements, you can also decide to change the focus of your thoughts towards building the next Facebook, becoming the next Leonardo DiCaprio, or simply cooking up that piece of lamb you saw Gordon Ramsay present to you…-

2- Confront fears, faulty beliefs and expose what doesn’t make sense.
In confronting our fears, we ultimately overcome them. Which means that we’re not controlled by fears. Which means that no one can use our fears against us. Which means that we are in total control of ourselves.
Of course, in practical application, the confrontation of fears isn’t as easy as we think. Our primary impulses, our desires, our actions and so on can be masked, or coated with years and social conditioning, by family, peers, institutions and so on. The fears can be part of our foundational base. This makes discovering them, exposing them, opening the window and letting the light in on those faulty schemes, a lot more difficult than simply deciding to do so. The deeper the schematic is, the more changes are created in unearthing it. This free’s up energy, shifts our foundational ground, and creates for biases in our perception. Which, when undone can be feel liberating, freeing, or even allow us to perceive certain things in a very different way. We’ll have to undust the surfaces, confront our current states and contradicting circumstances. And allow ourselves the courage to be vulnerable and honestly look at our depths.

3- Being purposefully wrong.
In going deep within our subconscious patterns, doubting, and living in our zones of discomfort, we see how we tick, we discover what we know is true, and we also expose and discover what is false. Though, in going through the process of doubting and purposefully making the mistakes, we get to learn about new aspects, we get to learn about new paths. We get to see where we are wrong. And in being purposefully wrong, we get to consolidate and fortify where we are right. I believe it’s the co-founder of Instagram who once said that when he has an Idea. His next step is to try to disprove it in any way possible, and get other people to prove it wrong or discover it’s faults.

4- Unfamiliar territory.
In uncharted territory, we are exposed to our functional patterns. Patterns which have always worked for us. And those patterns are then exposed to practical application in different circumstances which we don’t recognize. We are then led to adapt and course correct and update our way of thinking. As the ways we’ve always used don’t work for us in achieving the outcomes we’re looking for.

A car might be great on a flat road, but how will it cope on mud, off road, or slippery ice conditions?
It’s almost essential that was then test our personal mettle to see our primary assumptions, and discover where we are wrong, where we are right, and how we can correct these assumptions to make them more accurate.

5) Purposefully letting go, letting the world or universe take control and letting go of our need to push and force circumstances.

While it’s a scary thing, letting go and letting things happen to you, it’s also a good thing. As we get to learn about what happens in the unknown. We get to see what happens if we’re not in control. We get to see how important being in control of ourselves really is. If we allow ourselves to observe how others are in control, we can better attempt it ourselves. We get to witness the importance of having a plan, to experience the duality of what we don’t want, and that can be used as fuel to get what we do want.
Without fuel we can’t go where we want to go.
Though, this being said, without boarders and limitations, a canal (water path) channels water in a specific direction. Without precise limitations the water would simply flow where ever it can, rather than where men intended it to go. In the case of humans, it’s similar. If we don’t know how to channel energy, we’ll simply adapt and do the best we can with what we’ve been taught or have discovered. It is by observing the neighbors with their ways of channeling, that we can better channel our energy for specific circumstances.

6) What triggers us, reveals what needs to be healed.

When we get triggered, we witness an emotion. A sort of rebellion against what ever is being said – outside of ourselves- by someone else. We witness our fight or flight response as if some predator was to endanger us. Only, there are no dangers so great in our immediate reality, that we need to defend ourselves. Mostly by punching them in the face for disagreeing with us… Except if they are being violent or entirely inhuman – and even then… the act is questionable – which we could most probably disengage from and walk away. Being someone who has a deep passion for what is true and what is right, I simply won’t have someone tell me what I’m supposed to think, or try to pull wool over my eyes. And in that instance I will question and debate and most probably talk their ears off and wangle my way out of their imposition.

Another great way I have discovered is that if something grabs a hold of my mind. My first intention is to question what and how it has hooked my attention? And secondly, what is more important and urgent for me to do in this precise instant(than react directly)? Are my actions actions, or are my actions reactions which have been predicted in advance? Am I Re-acting, or am I consciously deciding on the outcome of my physical actions? Have I been conditioned to act in a specific way or have I decided to use it the way I want to use it, or act the way I want to act because it suits me better?

In relation to dating, have you been conditioned to swipe because the profile you’re looking at doesn’t fit the criteria you have been led to believe applies to you? Or are you swiping for reasons you have carefully thought about refusing? Are you swiping because they look a certain way or emit a specific outcome you’re seeking? How honest can you be with yourself? Or are you swiping because you’re genuinely interested in discovering and enjoying a conversation with someone you know nothing at all about?

Do you run away from confrontations because it procures an uncomfortable sensation and feeling? Or do you confront people regardless of how you and they feel because you are set to fight for or arrive at a specific outcome?

Are you passive in your life and life happens to you? Or do you mold your life around who you are?

By stepping back for a second, we get to witness that, after years of pressure, years of thought, trial and error, pain, fear, and purposefully overcoming inner demons. We arrive at a state where, instead of the outside world dictating how we should feel, we arrive at a state where we dictate the outcome of what we want and need to impress on the outside world.

If you don’t get triggered anymore, you’ve found your power and mission. You’ve become grounded and clear. And above all, you’ve let go of the fear of making your own decisions.

Another set of rules.
1) To become immune to the algorithms, discover how they influence you.
2) Question the effect of each piece of content you witness upon your thinking.
3) Pause social media and think for yourself. (Reading helps in this as you direct your thought process intentionally towards an outcome you decide rather than having algorithmic content flows guide you towards liking or unfollowing. You’re empowering an algorithm every time you use it.)
4) Go silent. Go underground. Question why you think why the way you think, and seek to arrive at the source of your current conclusions and comprehend why your life is the way it is. (If your life is not related to where you want it to be, are you sure you’re in control?)
5) Don’t be afraid of being an outcast. We’re all alone. We’re all on our own in our own bubble. Being afraid to let go of the train of events which is imposed upon us through FOMO, we get on the band wagon of letting TV tell us the visions to think all over again. (I thought you were past watching TV…)
6) Be alone. Find where your passion lies. Find what you enjoy and what turns your mind on. Find where you feel your best.
7) Find harmony with your surroundings and build from there.
8) Be the creator of your mind, your world and produce content instead of only ingesting and spiting it out without control.
9) Be highly selective about the content you put in your mind. You don’t eat dog shit off the side of the road. Why would you put that same dog shit you see consistently on social media in your mind? Question what you eat in physical form. But also question what you ingest in mental form. Change the content, change your life.
10) Curate your surroundings. Control your environment. Select your entourage.
And know the outcomes you want. If you’re not controlling what goes in your head, others will and they don’t specifically care about the effect they have on you (for the most part).

Master your mind – master your life. What we put into our mind, is what our mind gives back. Like a blender, or a food processor, we put in fruit and it gives us fruit juice. Read about cooking, you’ll think about cooking. Think about helping others, ideas about helping others will ensue.

Put in dumb tic-tok dances and some fear ridden news about covid and you’ll get back
some depressed manga make-up artist injecting vaccines into her arm with a 10 Foot needle, in your thoughts.

Select carefully…
2+2 =4. Simple… Get it? Ok, Action!

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