Why don’t people try?

People don’t try because they don’t believe in themselves or are in fear of the outcome.
 Better yet, they may have a fear of success and the Trying of X or Y creates a sense of paralysis. 
And still, trying and failing in a crippling way can leave a nasty aftertaste.

People may not try for many reasons. Not believing in themselves or their skills, or their capacity to overcome obstacles

It can also be environmental, the people around us influence us much more than we know. Our entourage can make or break our belief and vision. It’s essential, if we want to achieve anything, to find a space to think and convince and confirm that what we are doing, we’re doing for the right reasons.
Stepping away from people who don’t believe in your projects or ideas is essential, for your creativity as well as your well-being, and that of your ideas. 

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