Why do some people lack in creativity while others don’t?

I believe creativity is something you confirm for yourself and then you practice or cultivate it. 

It’s a little like your name. For example You’re called Dave since you’re young, therefore, your name isn’t up for question. You have confirmed it for yourself, you’re confident that your name is Dave. Creativity is a little similar. You harness it while young and continu to believe in your creativity. You’ve ticked off that box. 

Now, I’ve had a long moment in life where I wasn’t being creative, though I wasn’t seeing it as creative. Everyone is creative, just differently.

Some people make visual art like paintings or writing, sculptures for example. 
Others have an art which is more subtle, like speaking or carrying themselves a specific way, or sports. Think about rappers for example. It’s an art and lifestyle.

You have energy, let’s say you have 100 tokens of creativity per day. What do you invest those tokens in? 

You could either use your creative energy to produce art, and you’d be considered an artist or a painter for example. 

Or you could use that same energy and apply it to more left brained activities like maths, science or physics. And you’d be considered a physician, a mathematician, or a scientist. Your creativity would be considered the results of your equations and conclusions.

I believe that it is part of how you define yourself while you’re young too, and what you fortify through repeated confirmations over the course of your childhood and adolescence. So, I believe people lack in creativity, because they’ve maybe not developed that side of themselves. Maybe they don’t lack in creativity at all, its just that the creativity we’re seeing isn’t expected as creativity. 

Writing a 12 page essay every week -for example- for a law student… – Law students aren’t considered artists, but they practice their art – that’s creativity, they’re creating a 12 page essay, they’re formulating structure and being creative in their capacity to visualise and translate their thoughts on to paper. 

It’s also about what you put in your mind.

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