What motivates you to think outside of the box?

What motivates me to think outside the box is the crowd.
The IQ of the group, is equivalent to the LOWEST IQ in the group.
Let me say that again : The lowest IQ in the group equals the IQ of  the group.

What does that say for trends in collective society? Think tiktok… 

I hate being told what to do, and following my intuition and going against the current is something I aspire to. Simply because the decisions I make for myself are better when I’m not influenced by the mob.
Thinking outside of the box in the context of life is simply a question of survival. 
There are structures which I find important, but following the rules everyone else has setup, I have found to prove unfruitful and counter productive when I have a vision.

Forging my own path and believing in myself is my way of thinking outside of the box. Because, contrary to popular logic, following what others tell me makes no sense to my life purpose. Though, it is useful to sometimes use paths which have been blazed before you. That’s just working smart.

Over all, it’s a question of adapting to what is RIGHT for you.

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