What is your view on creativity?

Creativity can be thinking inside of the box. Parameters vary.

You can be creative within a certain structure or limitation which gives you the possibility to create with X or Y outcome. Say for example I want to paint a painting, and the settings with which I’m aloud to create that painting are only black and gold paint. That is the box I’m aloud to create in. That is creativity. 

It is also true for the contrary, say you’re not aloud to use the colour gold or the pigment black, but you’re aloud to use all the others, That is thinking outside of the box for example. Or simply using other types of materials in order to produce an outcome. Creativity when applied to business is problem solving. Having a Box is like having a plan. It was Eisenhower who said:

“No battle was ever won according to plan, but no battle was ever won without one.” 
Each creative project is a battle with reality. We can either chose to paint within the box, or like rules we can disregard them… and simply create on inspiration. It depends on the means of expression.

I think the main mistake we make is believing that creativity is only that burst of inspiration when we’re in a state of flow. Editing productions is also creativity, only its in a more grounded creativity. It’s rational instead of spontaneous.

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