What is the reason people give up after trying a few times?

I suppose Lack of pleasure in the doing of, lack of results in the achievement
or simply ‘lacking in faith’ that things will get better

I believe that if people give up after a few times, its mainly because they don’t find an accessible foothold in order to start climbing that mountain. And when they do strive, they often find themselves slipping rather than ascending. They may get overwhelmed by the idea or the implications.

It could also be because of the people around them. Criticizing where they should be in support. Or voices inside their heads telling them that they are at risk. Telling them that they won’t make it. This is a fear of death or the unknown. Which isn’t really valid, because if we sit with it, it vanishes…

Maybe there has been an instance of repeated pain. And they have defined that situation, through the perception of a mindset which was biased with pain. It’s important not to write something off simply because we had a bad experience.  But to observe if what we believed was written in stone a long time ago. Is it still valid? Has a door opened for us in the meantime, so we can explore it anew?

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