What affirmations did you use to overcome false beliefs?

I haven’t found that Affirmations are entirely useful for me. THOUGH…

I believe we are more like Onions unravelling, and with proper information we chose roles which are more adapted to who we already are. 

It’s a little like Simon Sineks golden circle in “Start with Why”. We go from inside to outside, not outside to inside, with our why. What resonates from the outside sticks within. Because it’s a question of mirroring. Like when you’re searching for something very specific, let’s say a turquoise Ferrari with Zebra seats. If that is what your internal research is activated for, you’ll search for that and maybe the most similar option. But anything remotely different won’t even register. Why does Google give you Axe deodorant links when you search for Axe deodorant? Why does it not show you lemons and strawberries? It’s about parameters. We all have natural parameters linked to who we are essentially. What sticks, sticks..

Our lives have already been created and the pains we experience are already in us,
we’ve already experienced them, we just have to trigger them and let go in order to heal. Once we heal those pains, those hurts don’t make sense anymore, so we don’t repeat them. We’re not controlled by them.

We become free once we become conscious of something. You’ll find that you’re more of a consumer than a leader if you spend all your time taking from outside rather than giving from inside. For this reason alone, you’ll find that if you are consuming information, coming from outside of your own convictions and confirmations, you’ll be living through others instead of on your own volition: dependance.

For me, life is a series of confirmations, when situations arise, It’s simply a matter of confirmation and observation. For the work I’ve done prior to the situation.

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