Thinking outside the box

I’d say I think outside the box nearly everyday, though I like to have a reference around which I can create. If there are no parameters, no limits, there’s nothing to guide us with.

I have visions, and I like to feel box’less. And I know that creating without a box is certainly helpful.
I believe I have achieved a pretty nice degree of freedom within my mind, which allows me to dream and drift. But when it comes to creating, I need to define specific limitations, or specific parameters within which to manifest the outcome I’m going for.

If it comes to beliefs which I find limiting when I catch myself thinking them.
I immediately ask myself if its true or if I can create a better belief for myself.

Living without a reference isn’t helpful. It can be freeing when we feel stifled by conventional boundaries.
But when we live outside of society like a hermit, we need to apply limitations and parameters to create with, or even to think with. Some form of reference.

A lot of the time I have a reference of what I feel. How centered I am in relation to my core. How grounded I am.

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