Sheep graze and shepherds herd.

Having a routine Job is indoctrination of our minds. Everyday, you go to your job, engage in job training, learn new things about the job, learn new knowledge and information about how to better meet the expectation of your position. 

Only to observe something, what you put in your mind, where you focus your attention, is where your attention and energy flow. Your brain is exposed to what your brain is focussed on. What you look at with your eyes, what you hear with your ears, all of this is what you are putting in your mind. 

Let’s use a blender for example, put Bananas and chocolate powder in, some sort of coconut milk and maybe some cinnamon… Why would you expect a different result?

If you don’t like Banana’s, then the end result of what you are preparing might not be to your taste. Don’t expect something different if you continue putting the same stuff inside…

If you’re not interested in your job, other than money and the opportunity to be there, then the knowledge and repetition day in and day out may not be what you want to be putting within your brain. 

Say for example, you learn things in school, then from school you go directly into university, then after uni, you decide to take a gap year, then go to get a job once you’ve looked around a bit. Everything you’ve ever learn’t has been adding to you getting the job you get. It’s a likely conclusion.

You’re literally being trained to get a job to work for someone from a very young age. 
If you don’t have an inner rebel, then you won’t question what you’re being taught, you won’t question why you’re doing what you’re doing.

I remember when I was 14, I couldn’t figure out why the maths problems we were learning to solve were being taught to us. I liked math, though, it had nothing to do with anything I needed in society. I saw that then, I still believe that now.

Nothing I learned in school made sense, until I stopped doing things I was told to do.When I started doing things because I wanted to do them, then everything I was taught made sense. 

“If there is too little demand on them (people), people are bored.” Csikszentmihalyi Mikahel

This works in a specific way for sheep. But another way for shephards. Its more correct to look at it like this: 

Boring people are bored when there isn’t much demand of them.
Sheep graze grass boringly when they aren’t asked to to anything.
A shephard on the other hand, will always have something to do,
his livelihood depends on it. 

If you learn how to use your time and make decisions for yourself, you’ll very quickly come to the understanding that you don’t have time to be bored. You’re either curious, interested, creative, dealing with something…

But bored doesn’t enter the equation. Out of the life you live, you only have so much time. When life is on your terms, you chose your time very carefully. When you’ve bulit your life up from scratch you’ve taken the time to look at every little detail of why you want to live the life you’re living. 

I’ve been able to stay in the same room I grew up in for more than 5 years give or take. 

I was on social welfare for a while, but never for a minute was I bored. I was occupied, preoccupied, busy, interested, creative, understanding something, researching something, delving into books, movies, undestanding…

Bored doesn’t enter my vocabulary, because the life I lead is the life I chose to live. Boring people get bored, interesting people get interested.

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