Perspective on consumer mindset and independent leadership.

How much of a consumer are you? Or put another way, what do you desire most? Freedom or other people’s acceptance? Funnily enough, desiring freedom will give you other people’s acceptan…

How much of a consumer are you? Or put another way, what do you desire most? Freedom or other people’s acceptance?

Funnily enough, desiring freedom will give you other people’s acceptance and being free. While chosing other people’s acceptance will enslave you and they most likely won’t care anyway… So double loss.

Most people are governed by their desires, and because their desires control their actions, they become instant gratification zombies.

It starts with the dopamin hits from social media, overuse of sex and lack of control over the primary creative energy. They engage in drinking, eating, smoking, drugs… anything which will numb the pain they feel. They’re enslaved, and they’re not searching for solutions, they just take life as if its a given and they don’t have any effect over its quality. Arguably, these are the same rigid minded chumps who believe solely in working like a slave for 20 years to get a diploma and who then piss on your dreams with the self-hatred they’ve accumulated by following what they’re told to do like lapdogs. They end up resent-full. Just being in their proximity is toxic for your vibe.

They go along with these debilitating practices which destroys their health, their energy, their clarity of mind, they become sex workers (The world is rampant with sex workers, its damn nasty…), they become alcoholics, they become dependant on external substances in order to numb their internal conflict.

The poor thing is, they haven’t developped their Emotional intelligence. This in its self portrays them as following sheep.

While times are unclear, a leader will know to follow their intuition even if that means seemingly going in the wrong direction in other peoples perception. They’ll engage in the fog of war without knowledge of what is ahead. They engage, because they know that doing nothing will lead to defeat. They take the course of action a coward would back away from, because they have courage and internal belief in themselves.

I say this, because I don’t know an inspiring leader who isn’t qualified in fully accepting who they are deep down. On the contrary, anyone who doesn’t know who they are become the products of the social trends happening around them, they conform, they become consumers in order to become of the latest trend. Hoping that if they follow the trend, people will believe they are avantGard and pioneers, because “if they wear and have products created by pioneers” they will be associated as if they are them selves.

This couldn’t be any further from the truth. They’re just pain based entities who can’t accept themselves, let alone sit alone with themselves long enough to reap the benefits of thinking and feeling for themselves.

Are you a conformist, or are you a leader? Do you believe in yourself enough to know you’re creating the world around you? Or are you simply a numbed product of society, spending to conform and be accepted by others, be loved by others? (Hint: You don’t even love yourself, why do you think others should love you?)

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